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An angle is formed by two rays that have the same endpoint. Tell why it makes sense that a straight angle forms a straight line.

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Q: Why does a straight angle forms a straight line?
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An angle that forms a straight line?

An angle that forms a straight line has an angular measure of 180 degrees.

What is a angle that forms a line and measure 180?

straight angle

Why it makes sense that a straight angle forms a straight line?

Because if it did not, it would not be called a straight angle!!

How many angles does a straight angle have?

One angle of 180 degrees forms a straight line.

What a straight angle?

A straight angle is 180o better known as a straight line. The hands of a clock showing a quarter past nine forms a straight angle.

Why is a straight angle forms a straight line?

A straight angle is 180 degrees, or twice the measure of a right angle. Therefore, it looks like a right angle that has been folded out into a flat line. Another way is to look at the arch of a 180 degree angle as a semicircle. Connect both ends of the semicircle and you have a straight line.

Why it makees sense that a straight angle forms a straight line?

If you draw a straight line on a piece of paper and place a protractor over it you will see the reading is 180 degrees. In this sense a straight angle is 180 degrees.

Is there a difference between a line and a straight angle?

yes a straight angle is a 180 degree angle and a line is just a straight line

Is a angle of 100 degrees a straight line?

No. An angle of 180o is a straight line.

Is straight line consider an angle?

Yes a straight line is considered an angle as the line which is inclined on the base line has 0degree angle on the base line .

What angle is found on a straight line?

a straight line is also called a straight angle. it is 180 degrees.

What is an angle that measures 180?

a straight line, or straight angle

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