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Because it wouldn't make sense. Two intersecting lines of force - in this case, magnetic lines of force - would mean that at the point of the intersection, the force felt by a small test magnet would be in two different directions.

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Q: Why does magnetic lines of force in two magnets doesn't intersect?
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Why are there magnetic force in magnets?

Magnets have magnetic force in them, obviously, to attract or repel magnetic materials. The materials could not be attracted without the magnetic force because the magnet forces the magnetic material towards it.

Do magnets have magnetic force?

yes they do

What force does the end of magnets use?

Magnetic Force (obvious):)

Why magnetic lines of force never intersect?


What is the names of the area around a magnets in which magnetic force can be observed?

The 'magnetic field'

What is magnetic force and where it came from?

FRKN magnets came from the ground

What are hard and soft magnets?

Hard magnets are those which require a high magnetic field so as to be magnetized. Soft magnets are those which acquire high magnetic flux when a little magnetic force is applied onto them.

Conditions that magnets use for them to repel?

Magnets attract or repel other magnets thanks to something called the magnetic force.

How are motors and magnets alike?

Magnets and electric motors are similar in that they both produce magnetic fields.

How do magnets attracts each other?

due to magnetic line of force. opposite pole present in magnets.

How does a train levitate above a guide way?

By the magnetic force of the magnets

What type or force is cause by the pushing or pulling actions of magnets?