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It means you can not connect to the minecraft servers, check your network.

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Q: Why does minecraft say failed log in when you log in?
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Why does it say Login Failed when you try to log in on Minecraft?

Because online mode is on in the settings. I get the error too.

Why does it say failed log in when you log in to minecraft it works on my brothers account but not mine and it's really annoying help?

I think either because you did not install the minecraft properly or you typo error at your password or your username

Why does it say login failed when you try to log in on minecraft launcher?

If it says login failed its either because your username or password is wrong or youdon'thave internet at the moment

How do you updated my version in Minecraft?

If there is an update than when you log into Minecraft using the client it will say "Would you like to update" and you can click "yes" or "not now".

Why does it keep saying Login Failed when I tried to log on to Minecraft even though I bought the game?

Uhh, make sure that was the premium account, with the correct password.

What is the password for Minecraft launcher 1.3.9?

how to log in minecraft 1.3.9

How can you fix the black or white screen on minecraft after patching?

Before you log in in minecraft click on options then force update and when that is done log out or close the page and log in again.(you can only click on the option button if you downloaded minecraft)

Why does my Minecraft say not downloaded?

Did you buy minecraft? If you did, then keep logging in. After logging in AT LEAST ONCE, the not downloaded text will never appear, and you can press "play offline!". But if you accidentally delete minecraft off of your computer, you have to log in again.

You lost the Minecraft folder on your mac how do you get it back?

if you log in to minecraft again it will resave minecraft follders you are missing!

How do you log in into Minecraft?

If you either signed up for Minecraft on or you migrated your Minecraft account, then use your e-mal address and password to log in to the game console. If you signed up on or you have not yet migrated your account to Mojang, then log in to the console using your username andpassword. If this fails, migrate your Minecraft account to Mojang Remember that in order to successfully log in, you must own a premium Minecraft account.

Can you conect a log to a leaver in minecraft?

yes you can

How do you log in Minecraft?

Create an account from their website.