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Q: Why does squashing the root tip between two microscope slides?
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What is the use squashing onion root tip?

Squashing onion root tips is a common technique used in biology to observe mitosis under a microscope. By squashing the root tip between a slide and coverslip, it spreads out the cells and allows for easier visualization of the stages of mitosis. This technique helps in studying cell division and chromosome behavior in plants.

What is the Latin root of microscope?


Skopeo is Greek for to see so the English word microscope is an example of a root word.?

microscope, telescope

What are some words with skopeo as a greek root?

Periscope, telescope, microscope, kaleidoscope.

What are some root words for 'scop'?

root Answewr: If you mean words that contain the root "scop"...telescope, microscope, periscope...

What are the advantage of longitudinal section of onion root tips commercial slides?

Longitudinal sections of onion root tips on commercial slides allow for the observation of different stages of cell division, such as interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. This helps in the study of plant cell division processes. Additionally, these slides provide a clear view of the cellular structures and organization within the root tips, aiding in educational purposes for students studying biology.

How do scientist examine the tip of an onion root?

Scientists can examine the tip of an onion root by preparing a thin section with a microtome and staining it to make the cells visible under a microscope. They can then observe the different cell types in the root tip, such as root cap cells, meristematic cells, and elongating cells. This allows them to study the process of cell division and growth in the root tissue.

What tool would you use to look at the smallest root hairs on a plant?


What is the root word of microscope?

The root word of microscope is "micro," which means small.

What is a good substiute stainfor looking at onion root tips under a microscope?

Iodine, its yellow and stains cells very well for viewing under a microscope.

What are words that have the root word scope?

Telescope Periscope Laparascope Stethescope

Which tool is best for a student to use to observe mitosis in an onion root?

A microscope is the best tool for a student to use to observe mitosis in an onion root tip.