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Because Kyle McRae doesn't know why

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Q: Why does the NFL have a 2 minute warning?
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Can use a challenge within the 2 minute warning?


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What is up with the 2 minute warning?

it gives an extra timeout

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Has Any nfl team ever made 3 touchdowns after the 2 minute warning?

Yes. It has happened on a number of occassions, most famously in the "Heidi Game" of 1968 when the Oakland Raiders scored twice in the final minute.

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Why did the 2 minute warning start?

It's just like saying: This is a 2 Pack soda, instead of this is a 2 Packs soda. If you're using it as a name, it's not plural. Whereas, if I was to say: I bought 2 packs of soda, it would be grammatically correct. It depends how you use the warning in a sentence. This is how you would rephrase that depending on your sentence: Class, this is your 2 minute warning - VS - Class, this is a warning that you have 2 minutes left, or Class, I'm warning you that you have 2 minutes left. It all depends on how you say it...I know how you feel, American grammar!!! Am I right?