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Q: Why does the earth have weird shapes on it?
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What do you call weird shapes?

Shapes that are weird have a special name, to find this name you must vist a friend and ask them for the secret and they will tell you or ask what you mean if they say this run.

Does earth shape life or life shapes earth?

Earth shapes life. Life has to adapt to the environment they find here on earth.

How does it change our land?

water erosion's shape the land into weird shapes :)

What makes icebergs turn into such an unusual shapes?

because when the ice breaks off when it is quite warm it can turn into weird shapes.

Why are birds and fishes shaped that way?

Because God created weird shapes

How did the layers of Earth form?

It happened right when the earth was formed by other weird stuff.

What shapes the surface of the earth?


What are shapes of the earth's surface?


How does a volcano help you?

It shapes the earth.

What shaped earths surface?

Erosion and deposition shapes the Earth's surface.

Where is the earth warmest?

Earths core... it is weird, because its inside the earth, not on the earth -.-"

What is the moon's shapes that you see from earth?

A crescent.