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Because of the position of the Sun during different times of the day

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Q: Why does the shadow of the tree keep changing its position?
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How is the shadow of the tree formed?

The shadow of a tree is formed when sunlight is blocked by the tree, creating an area of darkness on the ground. The position of the sun and the angle of the tree's leaves and branches determine the size and shape of the shadow. When the sun is directly above, the shadow appears directly below the tree, and as the sun moves, so does the shadow.

21 foot tree cast what length of shadow?

Depends what time of day it is ... how high the sun is. It keeps changing all day. No shadow at all at night.

If a tree casts a shadow of 24 feet long how tall is the tree?

An answer to this question requires information about the position of the sun when the shadow is measured. Shadows always appear shorter when the sun is high in the sky

What is the tree that has no shadow?

Well, no trees have a shadow if it is dark, or if they are shaded by a bigger tree. But a family tree may have no shadow.

What happens to your shadow if you stand in the lights of a tree's shadow?

A tree's shadow does not have light. Anytime you are in the shadow of another object your body has no shadow of its own.

What causes the length of the tree's shadow to change over the months?

The amount of sunshine, where the sun is, and if there is any sun at all. The angle of the light hitting the tree if the sun is high in the sky the Shadow is short for example if the sun is directly over a post then the post will cast no shadow. as the sun moves into a position that causes its light to shine on the side of the post a shadow will appear on the opposite side of the post where it blocks the sun. as the sun seems to assume a relatively lower position compared to the horizon it will make the shadow longer and longer.

How tall is a tree if woman is 5ft and her shadow is 4ft and near by tree shadow is 10ft?

The tree is 12.5 feet in height

When a tree cast a 20 foot shadow a man 6 feet tall casts a 3 foot shadow how tall is the tree?

The man is twice as high as his shadow. Therefore, the tree must also be twice as high as its shadow, which would make the tree 40 feet tall.

What would be the length of the shadow of a 24 ft tree when a 40 ft tree casts a 16 ft shadow?

You have two similar triangles with one side the tree, and another the shadow Using the side with the tree, the ratio of the length of the triangles can be found: the triangles are in the ratio of 24 : 40 Thus divide the shadow of the 40ft tree by 40 to find out the length of shadow per foot of tree, and multiply this by 24 to find the length of the shadow of the 24 ft tree. This can be done by using the ratio as a fraction 24/40: → the shadow of the 24 ft tree is 16 ft × 24/40 = 9.6 ft

A tree is twice as high as the length of the shadow it casts The distance from the tip of tree to the tip of the shadow is 8 feet What is the length of the shadow that the tree casts?

Since the tree is twice as high as the length of the shadow, we can set up the following equation: 2x = x + 8, where x is the length of the shadow. Solving the equation gives us x = 8 feet, so the length of the shadow that the tree casts is 8 feet.

Can you give a sentence with the word shadow?

A tree casts a large shadow.

What is the size of a tree if the shadow of the tree is 5m?

It depends where the Sun is.