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Q: Why does your cassette player stop every few seconds?
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How can I copy cassette music to blank cassette?

You will need two cassette players, an audio cable, and some time. Put the cassette you want to copy in a player (now on referred to as the first player), and plug in an audio cable to the headphone jack. Connect this cable to the microphone jack of the other player; insert the blank cassette in this player. Make sure the tapes don't need to be rewound. On the player with the blank cassette, press record. On the first player (with the material you want to copy), press play. Give the first player enough time to finish playing, and your tape will be transferred! Press stop on the other cassette player.

Auto reverse on Delco Cassette Player wont disengage keeps looping?

If auto reverse is stuck on a Delco Cassette Player, let the tape play until it is almost, but not quite to the end. Stop the tape and then rewind it. This should take care of the auto reverse mechanism.

How do you stop the tape deck on a Chevy Tahoe 2001 from ejecting a CD cassette adapter?

When a normal tape runs to the end, the wheels stop turning. Once that happens the tape is supposed to eject. If the wheels don't turn freely on your cassette adapter it will eject every time you try to use it.

The laws states specifically that you must stop for at least 5 seconds at every stop sign?

you must come to a full stop only

Is there a way to get the cassette player in a 1993 Impreza to stop flipping the tape automatically?

It has a broken belt inside the player. Remove it from the dash and take it to a repair center unless you are mechanically able to change it yourself.

How do you improve ejaculation time?

every miniute stop for 10 seconds it works for me then just keep on going

What is anti-rolling mechanism in a cassette player?

Anti-rolling mechanism is pretty much a shock absorber that helps stop any movement (such as jogging with a walkman) affecting the operation of the player and therefore stops disturbances of your music.

What is the acceleration of a hockey player who is skating at 10ms and comes to a stop in 2 seconds?

-2.5 m/s/s

Y on every site there is no make it or break it the eleventh hour? has it! Its the only website that has full episodes of any show, that doesn't stop every couple seconds!

How many seconds to stop at a stop sign?

2 seconds to 5 seconds , long enough to check that all directions are safe.

How do you reset parental control on rca DVD?

Press the Stop button on the remote control and at the same time press the Stop button on the DVD player itself for 10 seconds.

How did you use a cassette player in the old times?

AnswerFirst you press eject on the player. This opens the door which you have to put the cassette into. Then (and a safety WARNING is issued here), you insert the tape into the slot provided. Then you push the door closed and press play! A simple but genius invention which had touched many hearts, minds (and throats) along its history.AnswerIt worked the same way a CD player or DVD player works: you put it in and press play, fast forward, rewind, stop, pause, etc. Except, with a cassette player, "rewind" literally meant rewinding the actual tape inside the cassette. The music or video was encoded on one long plastic ribbon that wound around two spools (like spools of thread). When the tape played, it wound itself around the spool on the right, and as the winding tape passed over a certain place, the material on it would be played. When you rewound it, it would rewind itself back around the left spool.