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They do. Manufacturers of Central Air units do not. They sell thru distributors. Same thing as buying a new car. You can not buy directly from Toyota, you must buy from a dealer. Same as Say...Keebler, you buy from a supermarket.

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Q: Why don't distributors of central air conditioner units sell directly to the consumer?
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Where is the filter located on a central air conditioner?

the filter on a central unit is the same as the furnace filter usually located in duct work directly beside furnace

What takes up more electricity - central air conditioner or window air conditioner?

Central of course because it is larger.

What are the ratings for your central air conditioner?

I do not own a central air conditioner. There are several websites though that offer reviews of central air conditioners. One of these websites is

Your central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents?

If central air conditioner turns on but is not blowing through the vents, check the filter. If it is dirty, change it. Change the thermostat into cool, this will defrost the air conditioner.

How much does it cost to install a central air conditioner per sq ft?

How much does it cost to install a central air conditioner per sq foot

Covering your central air conditioner in winter?


Who makes Weatherking central air conditioner?


What is a central air conditioner?

Central Air Conditioners are installed into your house to provide cooling air in every room using a duct system. They are very refreshing on a hot day.

What would a central air conditioner cost to install?

The cost of installing a central air conditioner depends on the unit as well as the size of your house. It can cost you anywhere from $1,500 to $1,5000.

Why does your central air conditioner make a hissing noise?

because that air conditioner is full of air. It is letting the air out.

How much does a central air conditioner unit cost?

about 722$

Why would a Central air conditioner smoke?

5s rul

What is the standard temperature for central air conditioner in a condo?

There is no standard.

Why does your central air conditioner make a loud noise when it comes on sometimes?

Your central air conditioner may make a loud noise when it comes on. This is because it may have a leak somewhere in the system.

What size central air conditioner do you need for a 950 sq ft home?

what size of central air conditioner do i need for a 950 sq ft house

Does central Florida have a Savoy House representative?

No central Florida does not have a Savoy House representative.. You can visit your nearest Savoy House store to find a list of our distributors.

Do central air conditioner units have pilot lights?

No, but your furnace still does

Why can you smell ammonia when your central air conditioner is running?

there is a leak in the compressor...

What are the benefits of installing a central air conditioner?

There are many benefits to installing a central air conditioner. This will allow one to control the temperature of their house, and remain cool and comfortable during the summer months. It also has many benefits over a window mounted air conditioner, as central air allows each room in the house to be cooled equally.

What is the best central air conditioner according to consumer reports?

Carrier or Lennox. Carrier is better out of the two. As Florida contractor I would not buy or sell either because they are expensive. Goodman and Amana have much better prices and warranties.

You have no windows in your apartment can you have a air conditioner in your aprtment with no windows?

If you don't have central air conditioning, you can purchase a portable air conditioner (not a fan) to do the job.

What ton central air for 2034 sqfthouse?

what ton central air conditioner is needed for a 2034 sq. ft. house

Can you use a wall air conditioner in a window?

Yep. You get it in there. you can use a central unit if you can get it in there.

How often should refrigerant be changed in a central air conditioner unit?


What happens when central air conditioner freeze?

air conditioners heat up