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Because sometimes your parents say it's just them.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-21 16:07:26
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Q: Why dont people believe in Santa Claus?
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Does Ethiopia have a Santa Claus?

no we dont have a Santa clause because we believe that Christmas isn't about gifts.

Is Santa Claus a real person?

yes i think if you believe in him he is real only or you and the other kids .....but if you dont believe in santa he wont be real for you and other kids who dont.

Why dont my parents believe in Santa?

Your parents do not believe in Santa Claus because there is mo such person. Any gifts you have received addressed from Santa were purchased by your parents.

Your dad still thinks you believe in Santa Claus im 14 how do you tell him that you dont?

Tell him straight up "Dad I do not believe in Santa".

Santa is totally real right?

of course he is! people who dont believe in santa have no imagination. people who dont believe in santa: PLEASE BELIEVE! santa is the best and he is real. if you think he isn't real your wrong. if you don't believe in him, that's you're loss. people who do believe: GOOD JOB

Why did the myth of Santa begin?

OF COURSE SANTA'S REAL! How could your parents afford all those presents! And those people that dont believe in Santa Claus, when you were younger, you would have believed in him! So,mmm!

Santa Claus real address?

Santa is real, because Saint Nicholas is Santa Clause there the same... Maybe he doesnt deliver presents but thats only to kids who dont believe

What does Santa Claus do when it isn't Christmas?

He dont exist.

What if I don't believe in Santa Claus?

it is not a big deal not to believe in santa, but if you dont want to upset those around you or get hasseled by those that do,you dont have to be forceful in denying his existence.i would just say that you do to your parents so they give you presents because its said that if you dont believe in him he wont come so yeah

What time is santa claus coming to wales?

I dont now

Can anyone find me Real Photos of The real Santa Claus?

Santa is real if you believe in him and do not have any pics of him sorry u cant see things u dont believe i mean come on guys believe in Santa he is a awesome guy he brought me a sled b4 it was inflatable woo!

Why was he called Santa?

He is called Santa bcause they called him Saint Nicholas Claus. Sooner or later they started calling him Santa Claus. I hope that answers your alls question. Santa is a real person and dont doubt that.

What are Santa Claus' elves names?

they dont exist bcuz santa clause isnt real

Is Santa Claus really a man?

Santa Claus is a mythical character. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ whoever wrote that is wrong. There is no fat guy breaking into your chimney at night, stealing your cookies and leaving presents. But there was a real man that left presents, but at the front door, not actually inside a house. They nicknamed him "Santa". I believe that is was happened. but i dont know every detail of it. But there was a guy called Santa

What do people call Santa Claus in Spain?

they dont belive in santa. well at least they didnt. now the word is spreading about santa because more and more people there are puting up santa decarations outside their house.but how does anybody know! we dont live in spain. we live in the united states of america. or north america.

What country is Father Christmas not Santa Claus the gift giver?

dont kno sorry xx

How do you know that Santa is not real?

First of all, Santa Claus is real and you just have got to beleive that his is real unlike the teenagers who dont beleive

Is Santa Claus from Turkey?

cool i didnt no i cood do that and anyway that is the answe and dont you dare press improve answer

Is thar such thing as Santa clos?

Listen dont read the other ones saying their isnt a santa because there is a santa claus!! Ive seen proof! Believing is seeing!

Is coca-cola the creator of Santa Claus?

Yes!Coca-cola is the creator of Santa Clause coca-cola only created santa clause just so there sales could boost up so whenever someone tells u its not true dont believe them

I think Santa Claus is real I dont care what anyone else thinks I believe in him. Santa is my friend.?

Of course he is real, the people that don't believe are just jealous because they don't get anything! I am a mom of 2 kids, I am Santa for them there is no such thing as Santa. I'm sorry to break your little hearts but its true my mom told me when i was 7! He is just a myth. Jesus was born on Christmas so Santa would have had to be born like 2,000 years ago! Keep your holiday spirit up kids

How does the rhythm go in the song you saw mommy kissing Santa Claus?

to most pathetic children who think santa isnt real.. even if you dont belive in him i do. SANTA IS REAL. no matter what you say you can not change my mind aout santa. if you do belivein santa dont listen to them IDIOTS. Shelbe x

If you send a letter to Santa to Alaska will you get a gift?

I dont want to shatter your illusions but there is no santa in alaska.He lives in Lapland with Mrs Claus and a bunch of happy elves

Is Santa Claus are true?

ya like dont be hatin on santa. how else do u think norad tracks him its a us government that keeps our country safe

How do you meet the real Santa Claus?

lets just say you see probabley see him everyday but you dont relize