Why dont schools have lockers?

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Many do, so there is no general answer.

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Q: Why dont schools have lockers?
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Do all middle schools have lockers?

yes all middle schools have lockers but some dont and some schools there are some classes that have lockers not all classes

What middle schools have lockers?

Most middle schools, in the US have lockers.

Do they have lockers in Australian high schools?

Yes. In the majority of high schools there are lockers. Different schools have different sizes but most do have lockers. But some schools do not have lockers like my school we have to carry our books and bags around with us

Do all schools have metal lockers?

No, not all schools have metal lockers. Lockers are more common in higher grades (middle school and high school). None of the elementary schools I attended had any metal lockers.

Do high schools still use lockers?

Yes, high schools still use lockers.

Do you have lockers in middle school?

Yes, most middle schools have lockers for each student.

Are there lockers in middle school?

Yeah there areSome Middle Schools dont because 6 grades and 7 graders bring things they are not too so some schools dont have them but some do.

Do elementary schools have lockers?


How many schools have lockers?

every school has lockers but the ones in mexico and india

What percent of schools have lockers?

many schools have lockers which make it easy for kids to steal stuff over 75% of schools have lockers and over 75% of principals take stuff out of those lockers like all the kids electronics that they'll need after school and that's why they have them in their locker

Do all high schools have metal lockers?

"No, all high schools do not have metal lockers. I know this for a fact because I went to a high school that did not have them. Westside high actually had wooden lockers."

Why are there not lockers at elementary schools?

Good question.

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