Why gravitational constant?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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The gravitational constant was derived experimentally. Until recently, it was believed that it was a universal constant. However, developments in cosmological theories suggest the possibility that it is not a constant.

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Q: Why gravitational constant?
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Why did Einstein have to find a gravitational constant?

The gravitational constant was found by Newton, not Einstein.

Who measured the gravitational constant G?

Cavendish measured the gravitational constant "G".

When was g the earth's gravitational constant calculated?

g, the force of the Earth's gravitational attraction, is not a constant.

Are gravitational constant and gravitational force the same thing?


Who founded universal gravitational constant?

Sir. Isaac Newton discovered the formula with the universal gravitational constant.

What is the dimension of gravitation constant?

what is dimnsion of gravitational constant

What is a measure of the gravitational force exerted on an abject?

Force gravitational = (mass of the object)(the gravitational constant) F=mg "g" is the gravitational constant, it is equal to 9.8 m/s^2

When was gravitational constant found?

Although Newton included the gravitational constant in his law of universal gravitational constant, its value was not determined until some 70 odd years after his death, when Henry Cavendish measured it in 1798.

What is the formula for calculating weight when you know the mass?

Weight = Mass x (Local Gravitational Constant)/(Standard Gravitational COnstant)

When can you ignore the gravitational constant?

After you die

What is the gravitational constant for mercury?


How do mass and distance effect gravitational force?

The gravitational force between two objects increases with mass: the larger the mass, the stronger the gravitational force. The force decreases with distance between the two objects: the farther apart they are, the weaker the gravitational force.