Why i am taking diovan 80?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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If you are taking Diovan 80, it is likely that you are being tratd for high blood pressure. However, the physician who prescribed it for you is probably a better place to ask than a public website that does not have your spcific medical information at hand.

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Q: Why i am taking diovan 80?
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hell naw!!

You are taking Norvasc and Diovan can you take Aleve?

Aleve might elevate blood pressure. If your bl. pressure isn't well controlled and over or near the limit, you should avoid Aleve.

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In rats, the LD50 for Diovan was in excess of 2g/kg -- a truly huge dosage and even then in question. While it certainly can do you damage if you overdose, and you are strongly encouraged to follow your prescription, it's fair to say that Diovan is not typically acutely lethal.

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This needs to go to your Doctor. DIovan and lisinopril are used for hypertenion but lisinopril is not used for other things Diovan is (like post MI treatment for one). Also, Diovan is an ACE inhibitor and lisinopril isn't. This isn't an easy call, for can I answer it without your history. This one we can't solve for your here. Sorry. UPDATE DIOVAN is an ARB( angiotensin receptor blocker) not an ACE inhibitor which is what lisinopril is. every person responds differently to BP medicines.....ARB's work better for some than others and some people cannot take ACE because of cough reflex so this is a good alternative. Your doctor has to be involved anyway. Diovan is expensive....about $180 for 30 pills and has no generic.

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