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If you multiply a number less than 1 by another number less than 1,

then the product is less than either of the original numbers.

The reason is that a number less than 1 represents a piece of 1 whole thing.

Multiplying two numbers less than 1 represents taking a piece of a piece, and

when you do that, you wind up with less than either one of the original pieces.

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Q: Why in a multipling decimal problem is the answer smaller the products?
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Do you put the bigger number or the smaller number on top when multipling?

Visually - And I think, probably IS easier, but you can do it any way you prefer, it doesn't really matter

When multiplying a decimal by a decimal why do you get a smaller decimal?

You only get a smaller decimal if you do 0. something because your multiplying it by 0! oust like with the whole numbers, if you times something by 0 it gets smaller. only with a decimal, there's are still numbers less than the 0 so it gets smaller and smaller until you have a total of 0!

What decimal is smaller than 20 percent?

Any decimal smaller than 0.2 . There are an infinite number of them.

What is the least possible decimal greater than zero?

There is no such thing.Choose any positive decimal - as small as you want. You can always create one that is even smaller, for instance, dividing it by 10 (adding an additional zero after the decimal point). For example, if you choose 0.000001, you can create a smaller decimal if you divide it by ten: 0.0000001. Since it is ALWAYS smaller to create an even smaller positive decimal, it follows that there is no smallest such decimal.

How do you subtract a bigger decimal from a smaller decimal?

Subtract the smaller one from the bigger one, and then put a minus sign before the answer.

How do you determine which decimal is larger?

if the decimal number is smaller than the decimal is larger.

Which decimal is smaller .42 or .428?

.42 is smaller than .428

Does adding is zero at the end of the decimal make the decimal smaller!?

No, it makes no difference.

Which decimal is smaller 2.19 or 2.6?

2.19 is smaller than 2.6

What decimal number is the smaller 0.098 or 0.45?

0.098 is smaller.

What is smaller a decimals or a whole number?

Neither. A for every decimal number (which may itself be a whole number), there is a smaller whole number and for every whole number there is a smaller decimal number.

Which is smaller in decimal 0.5 or 0.050?

It is the latter.