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It is not a perfect square because 182 = 324 and 192 = 361

Therefore, there is no integer which can be squared to equal 360.

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Q: Why is 360 not a square number?
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Which number is a square number is it 128 or 225 or 360 or 399?

225 is a square number.

Is 360 a square number?

No 36 (62) and 3,600 (602) are square, but 360 is 62 x 10, and 10 is not a square.

Total degrees in a square?

All internal angles of a quadrilateral like a square sum to 360 degrees.

Which number is a square number 128 225 360 or 399?

Out of these numbers, 225 is a square number since the square root of 225 is 15.

Is the number 360 a square number?

No the closest would be 19 X 19 = 361

What is the square root of 360?

The square root of 360 is: ± 18.973666The square root of 360 is about 18.97

What is the smallest number that 360 needs to be multiplied by to get a perfect square?


What of these 128 225 360 and 390 is a square number?

225 is 15².

How many square feet is 18x20?

360 square feet. Multiply the two dimensions - the result is the number of square feet.

Is 360 a squared number?

Try it! Find the square of some integers, until you either (a) find one that gives exactly 360 when squared, or (b) find two consecutive integers, one of which is smaller, the other larger, than 360. You can also take your calculator and find the square root of 360. If it is an integer (no decimals), that means it is a square number.

40 square yards is how many square feet?

There are 9 square feet in 1 square yard. Therefore 40 square yards multiplied by 9 square feet equals 360 square feet.

How much square yard make 360 square feet?

40 square yards = 360 square feet.

How many square yards are equal to 360 square feet?

360 square feet = 40 square yards.

How many meter square equal up to 360 cm square?

The question is ambiguous. 360 cm square = 360 cm * 360 cm = 3.6 m * 3.6 m = 12.96 square metres. or 360 cm2 = 360/(10000) m2 = 0.036 m2

What is the length of a square window if the width is 360?

If it is square isn't it the same? 360

How large is an area of 360 square feet in yards?

360 square feet is 40 square yards.

How many square feet is a 12 x 30 room?

Just multiply the two number to get area. The answer is 360 square feet.

How many square meters in 360 hectare?

3,600,000 square meters in 360 hectare.

How do you convert a room 24ft x 15ft in square meters?

24ft x 15ft = 360 ft^2 = 360 square ft 360 square ft = 33.4 square meters

What is the least number which is a perfect square and is divisible by each of the numbers 16 20 and 24?


How do you Calculate 360 square feet to square yards?

Divide square feet by 9. So, 360/9 = 40 square yards.

How many yards are in 360 square feet?

There are 40 square yards in 360 square feet. (just divide square feet by nine to get square yards).

How many square feet in 12 x 30?

360 square feet. This is an easy calculation - just multiply the length in feet by the width in feet. The answer is the number of square feet.

How many Square feet 12x30 patio?

360 square feet !

How many square feet in 9feet by 40feet?

9 multiplied by 40 is 360. So the answer is 360 square feet.