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Because 5000 mm is 50 cm not 50 m

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Q: Why is 50m greater than 5000mm?
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Which is greater 50m or 5000mm?

50 meters is greater

Is 5000mm greater than 0.05km?


Is 5000cm less then or greater then 5m?

5000cm = 50m which is greater than 5m

What is greater 500cm 5000mm 4m?


Which is larger 50 centimeters or 5000 millimeters?

5000mm is greater than 50cm (there are 10 millimeters per centimeter).

Is 5000 cm greater or less than or equal to 5 m?

5000cm = 50m and hence is greater than 5m.

Is 5000 cm Greater than less than or equal to 5m?

5000 cm = 50m not 5m

Which is greater 5000 centimeters or 5000 millimeters?

5000cm. 500cm=5000mm

Which is greater 500 cm 5000 mm 4 m?

5000 mmThe above is correct but not entirely 5000mm = 5m which is greater than 4m but 500cm is equal to 5000mm im a bit late but im giving the correct answer

Which is greater 5 meters or 11 millimeters?

5 metres as 5 metres is 5000mm

Is 5000cm greater or less then 5m?

It is greater because 5000cm = 50m

5000mm equals how many meters?


How many decimeter are in 5000mm?

1 millimeter = 0.01 decimeters so, 5000mm = 50 decimeters

What is the smallest measurement of 500cm 5000mm 4m?

500cm and 5000mm are equivalent, and also equivalent to 5m. Thus 4m is the shortest length of the three.

How iong is5000mm?

5000mm = 500cm = 5m

What is larger 500cm 5000mm 4m?


How much is 5 m in mm?


Are 12 gallons greater or less than 50 quarts?

It is greater than

5 meters equals to how many millimeters?


Is 33.54 greater than or less than 33.504?

greater than

Which is the Fastest style among swimming competition?

The fastest stroke in swimming is frontcrawl as demonstrated by the 50m World Records below: 50m Frontcrawl = 20.94s 50m Butterfly = 22.43s 50m Backstroke = 24.33s 50m Breaststroke = 26.89s

Is 1.8 greater than or less than 1.53 on decimal?

greater than

In mathematics 5 m is equal to how many mm?


How many feet in 5000mm?

5,000 centimeters is 164.04 feet.

How much mm are in 500cm equals?