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English is a difficult language due to contact and extensive borrowing from other languages, combined with obscure rules which have many exceptions, and an orthography (Alphabet) with no standardization whatsoever.

It is also an analytical language, meaning it has a large vocabulary, and relies off of context.

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English is a difficult language because it is not really so recognisable to the languages it is related to, for example: English has many Germanic words, Latin words, and French words, but people of those languages can not understand fully what someone who speaks English say, unless they know English. Unlike with Swedish, where you can fairly get by understanding written and spoken Norwegian and Danish. And the same with Italian and Spanish. But also a huge factor with English is that it has one of the most amount of words than any other language in the world. It contains over 900,000 words, meaning that there is at least 2 to 3 ways of saying anything in English. The reason why it is so hard to pronounce words that are written down if you have not seen them is because even though the spelling of most English words have been spelt the way they are for hundreds of years, the Speech of English has changed Dramatically. English words are not really pronounced as they are spelt. For example. Cough, Weigh, Weight, live, live etc. The English vowels have many different sounds. Unlike most languages where the vowels are usually as they are written, for example Finnish "a" is always an "a" sound, no matter what word its in. Where as in English "a" can have different sounds, for instance: the a in Car, and Cat are different. There is no specific rule why it is pronounced that way but, its just how the speech of the language has evolved. By Angloswede

Also there are so many exceptions to the rule, that even if you do learn a rule, you can still be confused. ie. the plural of goose is geese, yet the plural of moose is NOT meese.

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Q: Why is English a difficult language?
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Well, as you know the English language has many different meaning words and is a difficult language for others to learn.

What are the cons of English language?

From what I understand, English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. This is likely because of the countless exceptions that exist for every rule of the language.

Is English difficult language?

English is relatively a very difficult language. It has so many rules and all of them have exceptions. Unlike Spanish it isn't a phonetic language, meaning all of it's word aren't spelled how they sound. It is hard to full master the language, but it is a major language of the world and will prove to be helpful throughout one's life.

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It is fairly difficult to study two languages simultaneously. For instance if English is your first language it is difficult to learn a non-Germanic language that is not alphabet-based.

In the English language what do you call a sentence that is difficult to pronounce when said quickly?

A tongue twister.

Why do people find difficult to pronounce some English words?

Well, after all, English is supposed to be the hardest language in the world.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of learning English?

I can't imagine many disadvantages to learning English. English is one of the most prolific language in the world, with a lot of the major/most wealthy countries using it as their native language. It is however among the most difficult languages to learn.

How hard is it to study two languages?

It is fairly difficult to study two languages simultaneously. For instance if English is your first language it is difficult to learn a non-Germanic language that is not alphabet-based.

Can English grammar be learned like a formula?

The short answer is yes. The grammar of any language is really a formula, or system. If there is no underlying structure or order to a language, the language wouldn't be much good to anyone. Some languages are very difficult to learn; English is really not one of the most difficult. If you want to learn a difficult language, try Icelandic. On the other hand, although grammar is a 'formula', English is full of traps in the form of exceptions. I don't envy anyone who faces the task of learning English as a second language. I do, however, have the deepest respect and admiration for people who are.

Why is it that English language is difficult for student to pass?

The English language has more words than most other languages.

What do you find is lacking in the English language?

Consistency is lacking in the English language. There is an exception for every rule making English extremely difficult to learn. Sometimes. spelling, verb forms and other aspects of English make absolutely no sense at all.