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Because #23 is retired in any team in the NBA for Michael Jordan. And LeBron James is an Illuminati. Illuminati is when people obeys to the devil to make them selves better people. And before each game starts, LeBron does the devil horns, the pyramid, and the 666 with his fingers after every national anthem. The 6 is because its part of the 666 thing. LeBron James is now obeying to the devil to make himself for famous and rich, and that is the exact reason why he has no rings at all. The money that you buy from the LeBron James jersey of the Miami Heat, that money will go to LeBron James and hes going to continue becoming rich.

*Its OKAY to watch Basketball, you can still be a fan and stuff, just try not doing anything of what LeBron James does because its his choice if he wants to go to heavin or hell.

Tip: God loves everybody equaly even if you do bad things but God can give you a second chance. Just pray to him and tell him that you are sorry for all the sins you did.

Actually why LeBron changed his number to 6 is when he was in the Olympics he wore number 9 and then that year they lost. they flip flopped wade had 6 lebron had 9 they changed and then wade has 9 and lebron has 6. that year when they changed they won the Olympics. He thinks that if he uses number 6 he might win like he did in the Olympics.

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What in the actual F***๐Ÿคฏ
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Q: Why is LeBron James changed his number to number 6?
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