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Q: Why is a conjecture considered reasonable but not proven?
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When is a conjecture considered proven?


What is a conjecture that is proven?


What is a proven conjecture?

a theorem

What is conjecture mathematically?

It is a proposition that is believed to be true but has not [yet] been proven to be true. Clearly, if proven to be false it would no longer be a conjecture.

Conjecture about the sum of the first 30 positive even numbers?

There is no conjecture about the sum of the first 30 positive even numbers. The answer can be derived and proven. A statement that has been proven is no longer a conjecture.

What is a seven letter word that is a conjecture that is proven?


What are the dangers of GM Crops?

There are no proven dangers, only rumor and conjecture.

What does the term conjecture mean in math?

It is a proposition or a belief that has not yet been proven.

What is a statement or conjecture that can be proven true by undefined terms definitions and postulates?


What is a conjecture for an even number minus a even number?

There is need for a conjecture. It is an easily proven fact that an even number minus an even number is always an even number.

Has the Goldbach conjecture been proven?

There have been many attempts to try and prove it but so far none of these succeeded

How do you you write a conjecture?

A statement that might be true (based on some research or reasoning), but is not proven. Like a hypothesis, but not stated in as formal, or testable, way. So a conjecture is like an educated guess. Example: I heard the sound of a plastic bag, so I conjecture there might be some food!