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It sometime is, but often is not.

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Q: Why is a leaf is in an oval shape?
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The shape of the kauri leaf is?

Kauri has a oval leaf with heaps of vains Kauri has a oval leaf with heaps of vains

What shape is a pine leaf?


What is the shape of a rose leaf?

Oval shaped

What is the shape of a guava leaf?

It is in oval shaped.

What is the shape of guava leaf?

It is in oval shaped.

What is the shape and color of leaf of Tulsi plant?

its shape is oval and colour is green

What shape of leaf does a oak tree have?

oval and spiky

Is the potato leaf is example of oval shape of leaves?


What is the shape of a hibiscus leaf?

A hibiscus leaf has a leaves that are described as trumpet-shaped. They are oval and often appear with a toothed edge.

What is the shape of Aso palav leaf?

It will be usually oval shaped just like a guava leaf. It is grown in the southern india especially in the western ghats.

What is the shape of jackfruit leaf?

Oval shapethank youif you find this answer useful , then please leave a comment below

What is the shape of a leaf?

Leaf ShapeLip-shapeOvalHeart Shape

What is Mercurys shape?

Mercury's shape is an circle/oval shape.Mercury's shape is an circle/oval shape.

How do you describe a oval shape?

its like a round shape only oval

Is the Oval Office in the White House oval or rectangular in shape?

The Oval Office in the White House is, in fact, oval in shape. The Resolute Desk that the president sits behind is rectangular in shape, as are the windows in the room.

Is a oval a regular shape?

No. An oval is a streched out circle. A circle is not a regular shape.

Is the world round or oval?

Actually its Oval in shape.

What is a simple closed curved similar to a oval shape?

An ellipse is the proper name for an oval shape, however, a circle is a closed curved shape similar to an oval shape.

Does the earth is oval in shape or not?

Yes the earth is a slight oval shape. not a perfect circle.

What galaxy has an oval shape?

Elliptical galaxies have an oval shape. An example is the Messier 87.

What is Katy Perry's face shape?

Oval kind of a heart shape but its mostly oval

What is the shape of the US presidents office?

It is called the Oval Office because of its oval shape.

What does an oval look like?

the oval shape is about the shape of an egg or how the eyes look in your face.

Is an oval and an oval shape the same?


What is a Diamond cut in an oval pointed shape?

If its an oval type shape with 2 points (bit like the shape of an eye) it is called a Marquise Cut.If its oval, and rounded on one half, with a point on the other, its a Pear Cut.If its like a true oval shape with no points, its just called an Oval Cut.