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Q: Why is a metre ruler better for measuring length?
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What is a tools for measuring length?

A ruler.

How do you find the length of a rectangular solid?

Use a ruler, measuring tape or other device for measuring length.

Why is a measuring tape more suitable instrument than a meter ruler for measuring head circumference?

Because it is difficult to wrap a metre ruler around someone's head.

What is a tool for measuring distance?

A ruler, or a metre stick, or a tapemeasure, or a mileometer (on a car) etc...

What measuring unit measures length or distance?


What is a device used for measuring length or distance?

A ruler

What is a tool measuring length?

Ruler. Micrometers. Caliper.

Different instrument or devices length by measuring the length?

ruler and tape measure

What object is the length of a centimeter?

the measuring ruler that we use are the object which has length of 15 cm. 1 ruler =15 cm.

What tooldo you use to find length?

A measuring tape or a ruler

What are the common laboratory physics measuring instruments?

Length: ruler, metre stick, opisometre stick, trundle wheel, vernier callipers.Mass: balance.Time: clock, stopwatch.Volume: graduated cylinder.These are very common.

What can measure meter square?

Anything that measures length: a 30cm ruler, a metre ruler, a tape measure etc.