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Because if speed is measured in meters per second (m/s) and time is measured in seconds, the SI unit of acceleration is meters per second per second (m/s2). ^_^

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Q: Why is acceleration often expressed with units of meters per second squared?
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How are the units of acceleration expressed?

meters per second squared

What is a unit where acceleration is expressed?

ms-2 SI Unit of acceleration feet-2 etcD. Meters per second squared

What is the expression for acceleration?

If you are referring to the penn foster question 2. In which of the following units is acceleration expressed? the answer is D. Meters per second squared

What is the meaning of 2g?

g is a measurement of acceleration namely 9.8 meters per second squared. When there is an acceleration of 2g then simply multiply 9.8 meters per second squared times 2 or 19.6 meters per second squared.

In what units is acceleration expressed a newtons b foot pounds c kilograms d meters per second squared?

Acceleration is the rate of change in speed which is the rate of change in distance. Therefore acceleration could be measured in metres per second squared.

What are The units of meters per second squared?

"meters per second squared" is a unit of acceleration.refers to uniform acceleration, written (m/s)/s , velocity increase in meters per second during each second of acceleration

Why do we a use the units meters per second squared when we talk about acceleration?

For every second of acceleration the velocity is increased by that acceleration.

How is acceleration expressed?

In (meters/second) / second, usually abbreviated to meters/second2. Or in any other unit of length, divided by a time unit squared (or even two different time units).

What is an accurate statement of an acceleration value translated from symbols into words 3 meters per second 3 meters per second squared 3 squared meters per second 3 meters in 3 se?

Acceleration is a change in speed, measured per second and so would be meters per second per second or meters per second squared.

How do you label acceleration?

meters per second per second OR meters per second squared. They are both the same this, but meteres per second squared is easier to write.

Is accalaration expressed in newtons foot pounds kilograms or meters per second squared?

Meters per second squared I think thank you

What is the acceleration of gravity on earth equation?

9.8 meters/second squared

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