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Her diary describing her side of the Holocaust was left behind and was published and it gave us an idea of what happened in death camps. It portrays the cruelty of Nazi Germany and gives us, the readers, a little understanding of what happened in this time period

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Q: Why is anne Frank important to history?
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Why is Anne Frank Diary important?

Because it's history

Why did Anne Frank leave Holland?

Knowing history is very important. Anne Frank and her family had to leave Holland in order to try escape the Holocaust.

What are some books about the Holocaust and Anne Frank?

Anne Frank: Lifetimes Anne Frank by Richard Tames a History for Today Anne Frank by Anne Frank House We all wore stars Memories of Anne Frank from her classmates by Theo Coster Holocaust: The Dent Atlas of The Holocaust the complete history Hope this was a help.

What did anne frank do to become important?

She wrote a diary of what everything happened. When she died, Mr. Frank found her diary and published it. She became important of history and what it was like.

What did Anne Frank study in the secret annex?

anne frank studied history, mathematics and English

What is some important information about Anne Frank?

* Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 * Anne Frank died in 1945

Does Anne Frank dislike history and mythology?


What did Anne Frank like to do in hiding?

Anne Frank played Monopoly when she was in hidingAnne enjoyed doing ballet after darkShe liked to read about history

Why is Otto Frank important?

Otto Frank is Anne Frank's father.

What helped Anne Frank become important?


What important events did Anne Frank have?


What is the important contribution of Anne Frank?

Her diary

Important event of anne frank?

When Anne was born, got her diary, and her death.

What is a good website about Anne Frank?

annes history bio?

Who wrote the diary of Anne Frank?

Anne Frank wrote The Diary of Anne Frank.

Who was the most important person to Anne Frank?


How is Anne Frank important in world war 2?

Anne Frank quickly became identified as an important cultural figure who represented the destruction of youth during the war.

How was Anne Frank important psychologically?

anne frank is important physchology because it helps her body become healthy and pro duce menstration like nicole a gelsano

Why was May 7 1944 important to Anne Frank?

On May 7, 1944, the day important to Anne Frank because she decided to start over and be a better person.

What did Anne Frank's mother think about Anne Frank?

She wanted Anne Frank to be more like her sister, Margot they didnt really get along read the book if it is important

What subjects did Anne frank learn when she was 12?

languages, history, writing

Who were the other 3 families living with Anne Frank?

computer history

Are there any events in history similar to the events that occured in the diary of Anne Frank?

There are similar events throughout history. But few have been recorded first hand by an observer as astute and eloquent as Anne Frank.

Was Anne Frank important?

A self-taught author who's writings have become one of the largest selling books in history would have to be considered a pretty important person, historically.

What has Anne Frank accomplished?

she has accomplished a very important diary