Why is education needed?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Education is needed in order to know things in this world. Besides, what would we do with our brains if we didn't use them? Education is also needed in order to have presence of mind in this world.In everyday life we use what we learn in school:

for sorting out bills and rents;writing books;getting a job;even creating games and how to use this computer you are on right now.

Education helps you in many ways, if you are complaining now you'll be sorry for it.You made your friends there...


Education can mean many things from getting a diploma or a degree to learning how to exist in your world.

  • In the early days of the human race and in many marginal societies, not learning how to find food, make a fire, hide from enemies or know the politeness formulas meannt death.
  • Not learning how to do simple useful tasks can stop you from holding any sort of job that can earn you food and lodging.
  • Even criminals have to be educated to learn how to lie cheat and steal properly to avaid being caught
  • If you don't have an education or a skill someone has to take care of you. They can get tired of this, or die, leaving you to fend for yourself with no salable talents
  • Even if the eduction is not for yourself, you have to hope that someone becomes educated to be doctors, plumbers, butchers etc.


You need education so you are not stupid and so you can have a good job that pays you a lot of money.


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There is a link between lack of education and poverty. Education helps people know what is happening in the world and gives them the chance to make decisions based on information. Basic education of reading and Maths means that we can know what a sign says and be able to count money. Uneducated people are usually poor whilst educated people usually have good jobs.

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Q: Why is education needed?
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