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Q: Why is gum always in a rectangle shape?
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What is a rectangle always an example of?

A rectangle is always a quadrilateral and a parallelogram.

Which shape always contains only right angles?

a rectangle

What shape is not always equilateral square rhombus or rectangle?

A rectangle is not always equilateral. A square and a rhombus both have four equal sides.

Why can't rectangle be a square?

A rectangle can't be a square because, Square is a shape with all four sides equal to each other. while, A rectangle is a shape of which two opposite sides are always equal.

Is a square a rectangle and a rectangle a square?

Both statements are not always true. A square is a rectangle (a shape four sides and four corners which are all right angles) but a rectangle is not necessarily a square (a shape with four equal sides and four corners that are all right angles).

Is a rectangle reflex angle?

A rectangle is not an angle at all. It's a flat shape that looks like a box. A rectangle can never have a reflex angle inside it. But it always has four of them on the outside.

What shape is C3PO's mouth?

It's a rectangular shape.

What shape are always parallelograms?

parallelograms, rectangles, rhombus, square

Is a rectangle always a square?

Yes, but a square is not always a rectangle. NO. a square is defined as "a shape having four equal sides and four right angles", whereas a rectangle is "a shape with 2 pairs of equal sides parallel to each other and four right angles." So as you can see, they are two completely different shapes. I would add that a rectangle can have two equal pairs of sides at right angles. While this is a square, it is also a rectangle.

Is a rectangle a 3 d shape?

No because a rectangle is a 2 dimensional shape

What shape has the most corners?

There is not a shape with the most corners. You could always "one-up" the last shape. It is like with numbers, there is not a highest number, but instead there is infinity.

What geometric shape is a tennis court?

a rectangle