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Computers with more RAM can handle more information without crashing. Computers have to store all of the data coming from all the the devices in the computer until the processor can process the data and this data is stored in the RAM. If you have small amounts of RAM, it will fill up and then all the devices pause until the RAM has more room for data. So the more RAM that a computer has the less waiting the devices have to do on account of the CPU having data already waiting to be processed. daman155 In most modern systems using Windows XP, Linux, etc.. more RAM is better. This enables the system to keep more applications and data such as documents spreadsheets and internet pages in the systems main storage area, which is RAM. When you have more applications and data loaded than can fit into RAM, the system will remove what it sees as idle data not being immediately used and move it from ram to "Virtual Memory" on your hard disk. This "Virtual Memory" or Swap Space is VERY SLOW. This means when you go back to what was deemed idle memory, it takes awhile to swap back into RAM. So unless you run out of both RAM and disk space, you may not crash, but without more RAM you will not be able to open as many applications or documents as you may like. --Veggivore--

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Q: Why is it better to have more RAM than less?
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Is a monkey better than a ram?

Obviously a monkey is better than a ram.

Why do Corsair Dominator RAM cost so much more than regular RAM?

Its because it has better quality than other normal RAM. But there are also other good brands in RAM than Corsair. I would say Seagate is the best.

Is more ram or lower latency better?

Both Are better Lower latency means that the Ram is quicker and better for games More Ram is better for running lots of programs at once because they take up more space

What type of ram needs to be refreshed?

Mainly, no RAM needs to be refreshed. The more RAM the better and faster. Lower than 800 MB RAM and a computer will be extremely slow and may need a RAM upgrade.

How much GB of ram is 261664 kb of ram?

That's less than 0.25 GB. If you use SI units, that's little more than 0.26 GB.

How much RAM memory do you need to have a good PC?

Given today's operating systems, you need at a minimum 512MB of RAM but 1GB or 2GB would be much better. It is better to have more RAM than to have a faster CPU.

What kind of memory is DDR2 RAM?

DDR2 RAM is SDRAM. It provides double the bandwidth of DDR RAM, but at a higher latency. DDR3 is much better than DDR2 performance-wise, and it uses less voltage.

Is 16GB ram good for your computer?

More ram the better, if you have the money why not.

Is 4 GB better than 8 GB on a laptop?

8GB is better. The higher the number the more it is, and the more it can store. In computers, the more RAM you put in (Assuming you are talking about RAM) the faster and better the computer will perform

Which speed is better ram or harddisk?

RAM is far faster than a hard drive.

Differentiate between static ram and dynamic ram in tabular form any two differences?

· Static RAM: No refreshing, 6 to 8 MOS transistors · Dynamic RAM: Refreshed periodically, 3 to 4 transistors. · Static ram is more reliable · Dynamic ram is less reliable · Static ram is more expensive · Dynamic ram is less expensive · Static ram can store its data when computer is turned off · Dynamic ram looses data when computer is turned off. · A static memory cell takes a lot more space on a Chip than a dynamic memory cellby syed9230088668199

Which is better ddr2 ram or ddr3 ram and why?

DDR3 of course, but it's more expensive.

Is 0.99GB RAM greater than 4GB?

no... it is slightly less than 1GB

In what ways are the DDR400 RAM better than regular ones?

DDR400 RAM contains better hardware and faster processing speeds. The DDR400 RAM is able to perform tasks at a significantly faster rate than normal RAMs.

Which is better Kingston ddr2 ram or corsair ddr2 ram?

Depends of which you want, I want consider one being better than the other.

Does 'Tom is not better than Ram' perfectly mean that 'Tom is as good as Ram' or it can even mean something else?

It doesn't really mean any more than he is not better. You could mean "Tom is not better than Ram. In fact, he is worse." So, no, it doesn't mean exactly the same thing as "Tom is as good as Ram." That could mean that he is just as good, or it could mean further than Tom might surpass Ram in skill someday soon. ... It just depends on what else comes next... but the two statements definitely don't mean exactly the same thing.

Does windows 7 use less RAM than vista?

i believe so... windows 7 also has a lot less problems than vista, and works faster and more efficantly

Are two 128 ram better than one 256 ram?

Two RAMs of 128 is no better than having straight 256 RAM, because even though you are dividing the RAM up it still equals up to 256 RAM. This means that having two 128 RAMs will work just the same as using one 256 RAM.

What is better 2GB ddr3 ram or 3GB ddr2 ram?

2GB DDR3 because it is more advanced

Is RAM an external memory of the computer?

No, RAM is internal memory that handles processes and speeds up computer use. The more ram the better.

How do you use whatsapp on PC with less than 512mb ram?

I think it is time to buy a new PC with higher RAM.

How much RAM does a computer need in general?

a computer can have (basically) any amount of RAM.the more ram you have the better computer you will need in gerneral though, the max that is really reccomended is 16GB.if you are not playing games and its a computer that you use for personal use you need about 4GB tops. if its gaming then more than 8GB is reccomended but if you have less than you can use game boosters.RAM is short for random access memory, it randomly acceses the memory, the RAM is basically how fast your computer is (theres other factors too like your prosessor etc)

Ram can cause the computer run slower?

You mean 'less' RAM? Yes, and the principal is that the more RAM a comptuer has, the faster the CPU can allocate data onto the RAMemory.

Is ROM better than RAM?

They are used for different purposes and both are needed for your computer to work, so neither is better than the other.

What is the difference between memory for DDR2 RAM and DDR3 RAM?

The difference between the memory of the DDR2 RAM and the DDR3 RAM are the capacity that they can hold the DDR3 RAM is more powerful than the DDR2 RAM.