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A surface that is too smooth can have insufficient friction for your feet to gain traction. A rocky surface, on the other hand, can be hard to navigate because of the uneven terrain.

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Q: Why is it difficult to walk on a smooth or rocky surface?
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Why is it difficult to walk on smooth and loose surface?

it is because smooth surfaces have less friction so when friction is less it is hard to walk

Why it is difficult to walk on a smooth and polish surface?

Friction is needed for stability in movement.

Why is it difficult to walk on a smooth floor?

there is no friction in between the floor and your feet especially when you have socks on.

Why is it difficult to walk on smooth and slippery roads?

Well you do make sense..............well this because when you are to walk on a smooth road ,you fall.That's because the friction is less beetween your foot and road and thus there is no grip.

Why it easier to walk on a carpet floor than on a polish smooth surface?

There is more friction, this ensures your feet do not slide

What is a description of Saturn's landscape?

Saturn doesn't have a hard surface. In fact there is no surface. Saturn is not mountainous but they have said the moons are. You cant walk on Saturn's surface because it is not solid. Most pictures have shown that Saturn is a rocky planet.

Which planet could be known as the Rocky Midget?

Mercury is sometimes referred to as the "rocky midget" because it is the smallest and innermost planet in our solar system, and it has a rocky, cratered surface.

Why is it difficult to walk on ice?

Because it's slippy and you would just fall over

What happens when you try to walk on a smooth polish surface wearingbrand new shoes?

Depends on the surface of your sole on the shoe. Polished leather or rough rubber-sole! Leather: You slip. Rubber brobably make marks on the surface

When you walk along a foor what pushes you along?

Friction - the force that makes it difficult for one object to slide along the surface of another

What is a rocky crag called?

Crag walk

Why it is difficult to walk on sandy surface?

When you walk on sand two thing happen that makes it hard to walk 1. the ground is uneven making you feet shift and slip 2. sand gets on you foot causing resistance. hope this helps!