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There are two types of physical quantities. Fundamental and derived.

Fundamental units cannot be derived from any of the two types of units while derived units can be derived from these two types of units. It's important to be clearly defined as there are so many indices of the base number. And no one can derive the units if they aren't properly defined

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Having clearly defined quantities and units in measurement is important because it ensures accuracy and consistency in communication. It allows for standardized comparisons and calculations, as well as transparency and replicability in experiments and data analysis. Misunderstandings and errors can be minimized when everyone is using the same system of measurement.

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Q: Why is it important to have clearly defined quantities and units in measurement?
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Why is important to having clearly defined standards?

Only with clearly defined standards can experiments be repeated and communication about results be understandable.

What is a foundamental quantity?

A fundamental quantity is a physical quantity that is independent and not defined in terms of other physical quantities. These fundamental quantities form the basis for the measurement of other physical quantities. Examples of fundamental quantities include mass, length, time, and electric charge.

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Differentiate fundamental from derived quantities?

Fundamental quantities are independent and cannot be defined in terms of other quantities, such as length, mass, and time. Derived quantities are defined in terms of fundamental quantities, such as velocity (defined as distance divided by time) and acceleration (defined as change in velocity divided by time).

What are basic quantities and derived quantities?

Basic quantities are physical quantities that are independent and cannot be defined in terms of other physical quantities, such as length, time, and mass. Derived quantities, on the other hand, are physical quantities that are defined in terms of one or more basic quantities, such as speed, acceleration, and force.

What is defined of measurement?

Measurement is the measure of something or someone.

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math: the science dealing with quantities forms etc. and their relationships by the use of numbers and symbols As defined by : Mathematics is the systematic treatment of magnitude, relationships between figures and forms, and relations between quantities expressed symbolically.

What is the difference between metrology and measurement?

Metrology is the science of measurement, encompassing all theoretical and practical aspects related to measurement. Measurement, on the other hand, refers to the process of quantifying and assigning a numerical value to a physical quantity. Essentially, metrology provides the framework and standards for accurate and reliable measurements.

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