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The truth is when you spend so much time with ANYONE, it becomes routine and it pushes people away from eachother. In relationships, when you spend everyday together,it becomes monotone and hardly anything exciting ever happens. This is one the reasons I don't like long term relationships (2-7 years?!)I feel that when you are young,you should experience different people and have as much fun as you can. When you go out with someone for, say,4 years, you kind have enough of the person.It's like you guys are married already! In these cases, either the relationship ends when someone cheats or had enough, OR the couple gets married and then divorces. You should spend time with your boyfriend. But you guys should also be an individual. If you two are together one weekend, then, the next weekend or at least twice a month have your own day.Do whatever you want to do whether its spending timealone or with friends.You dicide!If you guys do spend time everyday then don't forget to have little surprises...

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 22:16:11
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Q: Why is it important to not spend every day with a boyfriend?
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