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Triangles are the strongest type of shape. It is very sturdy, but takes up little space. It is the best for building bridges.

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Q: Why is it important to use angles triangles and squares when building bridges?
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How do you make an earthquake safe building out of toothpicks and marshmallows?

Try using lots of triangles and pyramids, because they are a lot sturdier and stronger than squares and pentagons and hexagons etc. But if you HAVE to use squares, then reinforce the corners by building triangles into them.

Do triangles and squares have parallel lines?

Squares do, triangles don't.

When is it useful to know about congruent and similar shapes?

You should learn in it in grade school but you don't really need it unless you have certain jobs like an architect a teacher Shapes are all around us they are important now why do we need triangles to build bridges well because squares and rectangles would bend So don't build bridges on uneven squares

Are all squares triangles?

No because squares have 4 sides whereas triangles have 3 sides

What is the ratio of squares to triangles?


Are squares triangles?

yes they are

What shapes have right angles?

squares, right triangles, rectangles

What are 5 important polygons to remember?

The 5 important polygons to remember are squares, triangles, hexagons, pentagons, and a shape more than six sides.

How many vertices does a square triangle have?

3 squares and 4 triangles will have 24 vertices. There will be 4 vertices for each of the 3 squares. Since there are 3 squares, that will be 12 vertices. There are 3 vertices for each of the 4 triangles. Since there are 4 triangles, that will be 12 vertices. 12+12=24.

What shape can you create with two squares and two triangles?

A rectangle.. If you combine the triangles to make another square and then place all the squares in a row it makes a rectangle. you can also make a trapezium, if you place the 2 squares next to each other and then the triangles beside them...

Which figures out of Triangles Trapezoids squares or pentagons have the same number of lines of symmetry?


Why roofs are triangles?

Roofs are much stronger because triangles are stronger than squares