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Q: Why is it necessary to develop a number of different options to contribute to a problem solution?
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What are the step in quantitative analysis?

Define problem, develop model, optain data, develop solution, solve equtions, test solution, analize results, implement results and change if necessary

What does a systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge?

what does "systematic investigation designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge" include:

What was necessary to develop the vaccine?

A small amount of an individual virus itself is always necessary to develop a vaccine.

What caused the regions to develop different economic systems?

Knowing which regions and which timeframe is necessary to giving this question a useful answer.

Why is it necessary for civilization to develop?


Why are for surpluses necessary for civilization to develop?


What is the solution that pictures are dropped into to develop?


Is unstable air necessary for a thunderstorm to develop?


What are the necessary conditions for nationalism to develop?

A national crisis.

In using a system approach to financial budgeting planning it is necessary to develop a?

It is necessary to develop a pro forma income statement, pro forma balance sheet, and cash budget.

What phase is intended to determine a preferred solution and develop a Technology Development Strategy?

Materiel Solution Analysis

Which instrument was necessary in order to develop the cell theory?