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Q: Why is it that when a plane turns it will bank?
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What do rudder Do on a planes?

a rudder causes a plane to yaw which basically means it turns but doesn't bank.

What are the functions of a airliner planes parts?

Basically, Wings provide lift to fly Elevators make the plane point(fly) up and down. Ailerons make the plane bank. The rudder turns the nose of the plane.

What is the role of the ailerons?

it is the tail of a plane and turns the plane left and right

Why does an airplane bend at the turns Why can't it just turn keeping the airplane straight?

If it didnt bank over when the plane turns, it would slide straight ahead in the air. What makes the plane turn is the elevator rudder. First the pilots bank the plane over to one side, (the which they intend to turn), and the use the elevator rudder. If they only used the aileron (i think its called, the rudder at the back of the fuselage standing vertical), the plane would not turn but simply fly ahead, but not have its nose pointing directly where its going. It would be about 5-15 degrees off. A: You actually can turn an airplane with no bank whatsoever. By applying reverse aileron to the turn and applying rudder pressure you can make a very easy turn in either direction. This is a simple method used to make people within the plane sick. The feeling of sliding out of control is very much part of this terrible feeling during a turn like this. The reason we bank a plane in a turn is to maintain a center of gravity that is comfortable and controllable in the plane. Turns of this nature may be done during landing to maintain altitude and control to align with the runway during windy days. While uncomfortable, it is sometimes a needed movement.

What happens when a plane nose dive?

When a plane nose-dives, the nose of the plane turns downward and the plane descends nose first toward the ground.

What happens when a plane nose-dives?

When a plane nose-dives, the nose of the plane turns downward and the plane descends nose first toward the ground.

How do the propeller on a plane help the plane to fly?

the propellers go woosh and then the plane turns into an Elephant then it runs and jumps...hope i helped!

Was Megatron a plane?

Megatron turns into a Cybertonian jet and a flying tank

What should you do on a plane if you have no electronics?

Make sure your neighbour turns his off.

What does rotate mean in maths?

A rotation turns a shape through an angle around a fixed point usually on the Cartesian plane

How do you fly the Wright brother's plane?

it is kind of hard to explain but there were to handles that you had to churn and you went down a ramp that helped you take off. Turns were made by twisting the wings to reduce lift. This technique was called wing warping. Today we use Ailerons, rudders and flaps to control the speed, lift and bank of the plane.

What is a bank limit?

Aeronautics- The maximum angle a plane can bank on, usually 30o. A bank is the angle of a turn. If the GPS shows a 90 degree turn, than the plane would (when flight direction is ON) rotate at 30 degree angle - which is the bank. Similar to cars with torque.Finances- Amount you're allowed to borrow from a certain bank