Why is math compulsory?

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Because you use math in everyday situations and is a good skill to be good at in life.

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Q: Why is math compulsory?
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Is mathematics compulsory for CA?

No math is not compulsory for CA.

Is math compulsory for the ca exam?

If by ca, Chartered Accountant is meant, then yes math is compulsory.

Is math compulsory for MCA?

yes maths is compulsory for mca.

Is maths compulsory for medical stream?

Math is a lot of answer to

How do you use the word compulsory in a sentence?

If something is compulsory, it means it is required by either law or rule.Ex. "Math is compulsory in most schools."It is compulsory for me to go to school every day.

Is math compulsory for economics?

Typically, all programs of study in or related to economics requires math.

Is it is compulsory to take maths in 11th in science?

You can't go very far in science without math. So at some stage in a course of study in science, it will become compulsory to enroll in a math program, or at least to demonstrate proficiency in the math that the science at that level requires.

How many subjects are compulsory to choose?

Mosttly Choose Subjet is English ,Urdu, Math, Geography

Is maths compulsory for MBA?

yes math is compulsory bcs we have many benefits of mathematics when we gave test of mba there were many questions of maths so it is necessary for doing mba

What is a compulsory and non compulsory?

Something is compulsory if you have to do it, if you are forced to do it. If you have a choice, it's non-compulsory.

Is school compulsory in Uganda?

no it is not compulsory but there are schools there......................

What is a sentence for compulsory?

It is compulsory that you do your homework on time.

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