Why is math home work so hard?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Because you are in the advanced class

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Q: Why is math home work so hard?
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is math hard in 8th grade?

I want to kill myself, this math is so freaking hard dude.

Why is math so hard to learn?

As with anything, some people find math harder to learn that others. It may be that math is not one of your strongest areas, and some of the concepts are harder for you to grasp. ========= Math isn't hard. Some people just aren't interested and won't work at it. Math is like sports. To be good you have to practice.

Why is math so hard for a lot of home schoolers?

Math is hard for a lot of home schoolers because the parents are using the math that they had learned and remembered form childhood. So if you are home schooled and you need help on the math you have for homework than try asking your parent or guardian (s). If they can't help you than try doing it yourself as well as you can. If you get a good grade than good for you. If not than don't blame me. I'm just trying to help. well that's all of the information that I know and can give so try your best and goodbye. :)(:

Why did they make think through math?

so it can be hard

Why is math and history so hard?

because you have to think

Is eighth grade math hard?

8th grade math is like any other math, of course, each grade gets harder, but I think 8 math is pretty easy, It all depends on how you learn, If you go home and study what you learned that day it's so easy

Why is math so freaking hard?

The answer is simple... Check out on Kor3tv

Why is math easy?

My guess? because you're not in difficult science classes.

Is math easy or hard for kids?

Math is easy and hard because some of the times we don't get it so we that is why it's hard. The easy way is to just skip the hard problem and do the ones you know so at the end just ask the teacher. If you are in elementary school then it is easy but if your in middle or high school it is hard.

How much is 94x58 in math with work?

You need to work this out so you can pass the class.

Why do you use math in soccer?

So that you don't have to do your HW when you get home.

Why is your math so hard?

It isn't. But it seems that some people don't like it.