Why is math your favorite?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Maths is a very interesting subject.

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Q: Why is math your favorite?
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What is everybody's favorite school subject Reading, Math or Science?

Math, but my favorite is Reading!

What is Justin biebers favorite game on cool math games?

No one has a favorite math problem, not even Justin Bieber.

What is Greyson Chance's favorite subject?

music..but his favorite school subject is math

Favorite subject is math?

I enjoy math sometimes

Why math is favorite subject?

because math is simple.And math make me think

What is Jaden Smith favorite school subject?


What is Isaac's favorite hobby?


George Washington's favorite subject?

His favorite subject is arithmetic (math).

Which president's favorite subject was math?

The president that had math as a favorite subject was President Bill Clinton. President Clinton was the 42nd president.

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite subjects?

His favorite subject for school is spelling but his least favorite is Math

What is a math matitians favorite number and why?

First, could you explain what a "math matitan" is?

What is Jaden Smith favorite subject?

Jaden Smith's favorite subject is Math... Quote "I'm amazing at it"