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Kim Delany, she dies

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Q: Why is one of the actors leaving Army Wives and which one is it?
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Who is leaving on the series Army Wives?

No official news or confirmation about the Army Wives if Catherine Bell is leaving the show. So definitely this are just rumors and Catherine will unlikely leave Army Wives now that the show is garnering many TV viewers. (Source:

Who is leaving Army Wives in 2012?

It is not certain, but it might be Roxy. It says on the Army Wives blog that in the season opener she is having trouble adjusting to moving away from her friends. Also, Michael and Claudia Joy are facing a tough decision about their lives, so it might be one or both of them. On the other hand, Joan gets word of a potentially deadly event that will happen to Fort Marshall, so it might be anyone.

Why was Caroline Pires replaced on Army Wives by Katelyn Pippy?

Because the old one was ugly and a bad acress

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Why are they changing the characters in the new series of army wives?

well there are changing cast because in one episode a army wive might die so they will use the other cast to fill in the place.

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