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Q: Why is product so broadly defined?
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What does narrowly defined mean?

Narrowly defined means something defined very specifically, it is the opposite of the broadly definition.

How many Churches are in Massachusetts?

Churches can be narrowly or broadly defined so an answer is difficult. According to the 'Yellow Pages' there are 4,944 'churches' in Massachusetts.

What did Richard Gonzales studied?

He studied judgment and decision making broadly defined.

Who is the ancient Greek philosopher who wrote about psyche and first broadly defined the subject matter?

wilhelm wundt

What is a arctic is it a country or a city?

The Arctic is neither. It is comprised of both countries and cities. It is defined in different ways, but is broadly defined as north of the 66.5 degree parallel.

What is the marketing definition of a product map?

The marketing definition of a product map is the strategy that will be employed so as to push a product into the market. This is also defined as perceptual mapping.

A type of federal grants in aid monies from which are to be used in a particular but broadly defined area?

Categorical grant

What are user-defined regions?

User-defined regions are regions defined by a special product or service.

A systematic body of organized knowledge?

Science is broadly defined as a system of knowledge and the methods used to find that knowledge.

What is the probability that the product is a prime number?

The experiment is not defined so it is very difficult to answer the question in any meaningful way.

What is best defined as a literary work that is mostly not a product of the writer's imagination?

Nonfiction is best defined as a literary work that is mostly not a product of the writer's imagination.

What are 3 pesticides and what do they kill?

Most are broadly labeled for multiple pests & the list is extensive in regards to product choices.