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Roman Numerals Variations and WhyIt's said, that in Roman times, they didn't use IV for 4, because IV are the first two letters of the name of their king of the gods, Iupiter (IVPITER, as it was written).

There are some clocks and sundials with 4 represented as IIII and some with IV.

This isn't just a clocks thing. Both methods of writing Roman numerals have been in use since the 1500s, possibly longer. Clock makers choose whichever number they feel is more aesthetically appealing and they often go with IIII because it balances better with VIII on the other side and makes the clock look more symmetrical. By the same token they use IX and not VIIII for 9 because it matches the III on the other side better.

Physicians traditionally use Roman numerals in lower case to specify the number of doses in a prescription. The lower case four(4) is usually written as iv, however, it can also be expressed as iiii - the explanation pharmacists often give, is they just count the dots on top - in other words, iiii instead of iv is for clarity. Perhaps more believable would be that it avoids confusion with the abbreviation "IV", which means intravenous, which could lead to a dangerous wrong drug administration route.

Strict Roman NumeralsRoman Numerals never put more than three of any numeral together in a number (at least not in a strict sense). So you would count I, II, III, and then by placing a smaller numeral in front of a larger one, you would subtract; IV is 1 taken from 5, and so on.

I 1

II 1+1

III 1+1+1

IV -1+5

V 5

VI 5+1

VII 5+1+1

VIII 5+1+1+1

IX -1+10

X 10

XI 10+1

XII 10+1+1

XIII 10+1+1+1

XIV 10-1+5

XV 10+5

XVI 10+5+1

XVII 10+5+1+1

XVIII 10+5+1+1+1

XIX 10-1+10

XX 10+10


Using above rules:

MCMLXIV 1000-100+1000+50+10-1+5 = 1964

Here is the Roman way of writing 1964:

MCMLXIV 1000+(1000-100)+(50+10)+(5-1) = 1964


As you can see, Romans had to be very good at adding and subtracting!

Not using above rules:

MDCCCCLXIIII 1000+500+100+100+100+100+50+10+1+1+1+1 1964

We can see how Roman Numerals get really long as the numbers get larger and by using four of a given numeral the numbers get even more long (which makes Roman Numerals less useful).

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Q: Why is the Roman numeral four represented by IIII on a clock face instead of IV?
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Why is the Roman numeral 4 sometimes written as llll instead of IV?

The number 4 is most often represented as "IIII" on clock faces. It is thought that this to give a visual balance with VIII for 8 on the other side of the dial.

What is east on a grandfather clock?

East on the Grandfather Clock would be the very right-most numeral. That being 3 or Roman numeral III.

When was the roman numeral clock invented?

it was invented in rome in 1863

Why do roman numeral clock have four bars instead of IV?

The roman numeral for 4 was traditionally IIII and not IV because it is the first two letters of their king of the gods, Iupiter, which is written IVPITER. The Romans did not want to compare the king of the gods with something so small as 4.

Why is the six on roman numeral clocks backwards?

It is not backwards when the hands of the clock points towards it.

Where do we find Hindu Arabic numeral system and roman system?

alarm clock, doorboards ,etc

What are the numeral on the face of a clock?

They can be in Roman numerals or in Hindu-Arabic numerals which are the numbers that we use today.

This numeral 4.03?

well 4 in roman numerals is IV, but if it is on a clock it is IIII, and 3 is III but there is no 0 in roman numerals, so it MIGHT be IV.-III. this is probably not correct, but it is as close as i can get.

What is incorrect in every clock with Roman Numerals?

In Roman Numerals, 4 is represented as IV. Many, but not all, clock faces use IIII for 4. It is thought that this is because it provides a better visual balance to VIII for 8 on the other side of the clock face.

Where is the roman numeral III in you spy super challanger on page 9?

It's almost smack dab in the center of page 9. It's on the face of the yellow clock, which is between the fish and the masquerade mask.

Why is the incorrect 1111 Roman numeral used on a clock instead of 1V?

Presumably you mean IIII and IV not 1111 and 1V? Both IIII and IV are correct Roman numerals representing 4. IV is a simplification of IIII. Traditionally IIII is used on clocks instead of IV. The ancient Romans used IIII for 4 because they were superstitious about IV, those being the first two letters of Jupiter's name.

How do you write 1066290 in numeric number?

The Romans had different symbols for numbers as they got bigger.We still use Roman numbers today. One place where you often see Roman numbers is on a clock face.1066290 in roman numeral =MLXVMCCXC.

What number is there no Roman numeral for?

The is no Roman Numeral for: 1. Zero 2. Any decimal (0.5) or fraction (1/2) Note: The Romans had a separate system for fractions based on 12 (like a clock). The fractions were made up from dots and the letter S. S =1/2 and each dot was 1/12. Dots alone represented 1/12 (.) to 5/12 (::.) , S was 6/12, S and dots represented 7/12 (S.) to 11/12 (S::.) and I was one. 3. Any imaginary number (i) 4. Numbers past the low Millions (M with a bar over it was Million, the symbol was repeated to represent multiple millions)

What is roman numeral xxxiiii in English?

The Roman numerals xxxiiii or XXXIIII in English stands for 34 Today's conventional conversion of 34 into Roman numerals is XXXIV but the Romans themselves would have used XXXIIII.

Do all clock towers have Roman numerals?

Many do, but not all clock towers use roman numerals.

Why the Big Ben clock face has an F instead of an X for number 10?

All four of the clock-faces on the Palace of Westminster use Roman numerals for the hours, (I = 1, V = Five, X = Ten), which is why the points of the clock faces are III, VI, IX and XII respectively.

Can you give a sentence using the word numeral?

Many clock faces still use Roman numerals. A certain Mr. Fibonacci is famous making Arabic numerals popular around the Mediterranean coastal countries.

How is midnight represented in 24 hour time?

Midnight is represented as: 00:00 on a 24 hour clock.

What kind of things have the roman number on it?

A CLOCK has roman numerals! Not every clock has roman numerals but if you have kind an elegant clock or an old styled one you might have it! Another place you might find roman numerals are on sheet music, where chords may be indicated with roman numerals.

What happened to the hen that ate a clock?

It went, "Clock, Clock!" Get it? Clock instead of Cluck?

how is 10:00 p.m. represented on the 24hour clock?


Why is the four on a grandfather clock wrong?

The Roman Numerals on a grandfather clock display IIII when they should display IV. The reason is that the original maker of the clock had incorrectly written the Roman Numerals.

What is xlll on the roman clock?


Did the Romans invent the Roman numeral clock?

No, that's one invention you can't pin on the Romans. The Romans did not have clocks as we know them. They used the sundial or water clocks or simply looked up at the sky. (They, like all ancient peoples, were pretty accurate at judging time from the position of the sun) The Roman numerals on clocks is a decorative touch to make them more distinguished or "classy".

Did the Romans invent the roman clock?

yes they did