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Because this is how it was originally along time ago and it would be too complicated to change it now. There are other systems of measurement used but you would have to look that up on Google. Hope this helped :)

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Q: Why is the US measuring system still in inches feet yards and miles?
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Why do you measure in inches?

Different measuring systems use different units of measurement. The United States still uses feet and inches simply because it has not converted to the system used by the rest of the world.

What item can be measure in inches item can be measure in inches?

Any item with a rigid shape. You may need to use fractions of inches, but that is still measuring in inches.

Which unit is more appropiate for measuring chigago to Miami?

Kilometre. Except that the US is still using miles!

What is the metric mesurment for length?

the opposite of custom length (Americas measuring system) All lengths are measured in metres. The metric prefixes simply indicate the multiple or fraction of metres. Two millimetres is really just shorthand for 0.002 metres, much as two sixteenths of an inch is still measuring in inches.

Does England have miles or kilometres?

Britain is in a transition period between the imperial system and the metric system. However, distances are still measured in miles.

Is it normal that your penis is 14 inches at the age of 23?

If true, it is normal for you. Average it is not. You are measuring the top side? Even if you are measuring the bottom side to back behind your testicles where the base attaches, you are still probably above average.

4.3 centimeters in inches?

4.3 centimeters is equal to 1.69291 inches. The metric system is used to measure things in most countries, although in the US, the use of the non-metric system (inches and feet) is still standard.

Which countries use which measuring system?

The troglodyte three: USA, Burma and Liberia. However, some other countries do still use the customary system for specific measures.

What do cubic inches do?

They are a measure of volume in the old system of measurement - except in the US, where they still use it!

Why is it important that we understand the metric system?

We have to communicate with other people so we need to use the same system, in all the world the most common is the metric system. Americans like to use their system (for example, they use feet, inches..), it's not the best way to communicate with others! UK is predominantly metric in weight and volumes but still will uses imperial for distance /measuring now but may still used So it is necessary to use the same system, I have already said the best one (most common hence useful) is the metric system.

What country is 3 inches north of Johannesburg?

South Africa. Even 30 MILES north, you are still in South Africa!

How many feet is a linear foot?

The term linear foot just means that you are measuring in a straight line. It's still the same length, a linear foot is a foot, 12 inches.