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For any given perimeter, the circle contains the largest area. In 3-d, a sphere will contain the largest volume. Back tro 2-d, the increase in area you get from straightening out a circle is less than the amount of are that you lose.

In terms of formulae:

circumference = 16 = 2*pi*r

so r = 8/pi

Then area = pi*r2 = pi*64/pi2 = 64/pi = 20.372 sq units

Area of a square with sides 4 = 4*4 = 16 sq units

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Q: Why is the area of a circle with a circumference of 16 greater than the area of a square with sides of 4?
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What is called the length of the sides of a square and a circle?

Do you mean perimeter?The sum of the lengths of the four sides of a square is the perimeterThe total length of the circumference of a circle is its perimeter

How do you find the circumference of a circle if only the perimeter is given?

The perimeter of a circle is the circumference. If you mean the circle is drawn around (and touches the 4 corners of) a square, and you know the perimeter of the square, you divide the square's perimeter by 4, do pythagorean's theorem on the 2 sides (legs) to find the hypotenuse, and that hypotenuse will be the diameter of the circle. You then multiply that diameter you get by pi to get the circumference.

A circle is circumscribed about a square if the sides are 6 what is the approximate circumference of the circle?

The side of the square is 6. The diagonal of the square is 6 sqrt(2).The diagonal of the square is also the diameter of the circle.The circumference of the circle = pi times the diameter = 6 pi sqrt(2) = 26.657 (rounded)

Can you fit a circle with a circumference of 30 inches inside a square with an area of 100 inches squared?

Yes because the diameter of the circle is less than the sides of the square.

What is the circumference of a square?

Circumference refers to the distance around the outside of a circle. The distance around a square is its perimeter, which is the sum of the lengths of the four sides. Since all sides of a square are of the same length, the perimeter of a square is also four times the length of one side.

What is the number of sides has a circle?

A circle has only one side and it is its circumference

How do you find the radius of a circle without the diameter or circumference?

If you know the circle's area then the radius can be found: pi*radius2 = area Divide both sides by pi: radius2 = area/pi Square root both sides: radius = the square root of (area/pi)

How many sides does a sircle have?

A circle has one side which is its circumference.

If you have a square inscribed in a circle what is the diameter of the circle congruent to?

The sides of the Square.

Is a circle a 2 dimensional square?

NO. A square has 4 equal sides with the sides perpendicular each other. A circle has infinite sides.

Mark has a piece of string 12 inches long he shapes string into rectangle that encloses an area of 5 square inches Can Mark enclose a greater area with the same string If sowhat is the area?

If Mark makes a circle, that circle would have a circumference of 12 inches. The formula for circumference is pi times diameter, so the circumference divided by pi will give you the diameter of 3.82 inches. Divide this by 2 to get the radius of 1.91 inches. Area of a circle is pi times the radius squared. 1.91 squared is 3.6481. Multiply this by pi to get 11.46 square inches of area inside the circle. A circle is always the most efficient use of space possible given a fixed perimeter. If Mark makes a square with equal sides where all sides are 3 inches, the area would be 9 square inches. 3 X 3 = 9

How many sides a circle has?

One side and it is called the circumference.