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Q: Why is the average of anything is misleading?
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What would be misleading about an experiment with a small number of trials?

There need not be anything misleading about it. If the number of trials are stated clearly there is nothing misleading about it. The results will not be as reliable as they would have been with a larger number of trials but that will always be the case.

Is the median mode or mean the most misleading average of 4 92 96 and 96?

The most misleading is the mean because the 4 is an outlier.

What are misleading graphs?

they are graphs that are misleading

What is misleading?

This is a misleading answer: 2 + 2 = 17 & threequarters....Misleading means information that is knowingly incorrect.

What part of speech is the word misleading?

Misleading is an adjective.

What is misleading Misleading is giving the wrong idea or impression?


How can bar graphs be misleading?

They can be misleading if information is missing or it is inaccurate.

A clue that is misleading?

A misleading clue is know as a red herring.

When statistical results are misleading?

The world is littered with statistics, and the average person is bombarded with five statistics a day1. Statistics can be misleading and sometimes deliberately distorting. There are three kinds of commonly recognised untruths: "Lies, damn lies and statistics." - Mark Twain

You think there is misleading ads posted?

There are many ads out there that are misleading but others are not. If you think that an ad is misleading you can do some research about it on the internet to find out.

What is the effect of misleading advertisements on youth?

effects of misleading advertisments on youth

What is the duration of Misleading Track?

The duration of Misleading Track is 2700.0 seconds.