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It is better because people can read it better that the original one.

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Q: Why is the digital alarm clock better than the origanal alarm clock?
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When was the first digital alarm clock invented?

The first digital alarm clock was first invented in 1956.

Non-digital alarm clocks?

Analogue Alarm Clock.

How do digital alarm clocks work?

A digital alarm clock uses electronic means to keep accurate time. When the user sets the alarm to a certain time, the clock contains a speaker that sounds an alarm at that time.

Where can one purchase a digital alarm clock with radio?

One can purchase a digital alarm clock with a radio from many stores. Walmart, Brookstone, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target sell digital alarm clocks with radios.

Who invented the modern digital alarm clock?

No, B.O.B. is.

which alarm clock allows you to set a different wake up time for every day?

Digital Zen Alarm Clock will let you do that.

How do you turn off a wind up alarm clock?

Wind up alarm clocks have a switch on the back to turn the alarm off. A wind up alarm clock does not have a snooze button like most digital alarm clocks.

What are some of the services offered to users of Online Clock Radio?

Online Clock Radio website offers digital alarm clock for its users. Users can select the colors of the clock, and the alarm sound can be changed too.

Where could an inexpensive digital alarm clock radio be purchased?

Inexpensive digital alarm clock radios can be purchased at many different places however a very good place to check would be a local Wal Mart store where a digital alarm clocks can be purchased for a variety of prices based on personal preference.

Where can one buy a digital alarm clock?

A digital alarm clock can be bought at many retails stores like BestBuy. It is also available online in eBay, Amazon etc. It is available at Walmart, Target, JCPenny etc.

Why is Clocky better than a regular alarm clock?

Clocky is better than a normal alarm clock because one cannot simply turn it off. When Clocky sounds its alarm, the wheels on its sides propel the clock forward and across the floor.

Startled by the noise the alarm clock was knocked on the floor.Is there a correct modifier?

The problem with the wording in "Startled by the noise, the alarm clock was knocked on the floor" is that it makes it sound like the alarm clock was startled. It would be better written: "Startled by the alarm clock, I knocked it on the floor."

What are some examples of a cool alarm clock?

Some examples of a cool alarm clocks are: Silent alarm clock, Wifi Donation Alarm Clock, Bacon Alarm Clock, Flying Alarm Clock, Light Sleeper Alarm Clock, Banclock, Danger Bomb Alarm Clock, to name a few.

How does a digital alarm clock work?

You set the time and the screen shows what time it is.. Simple

Is a hoot owl call a wildlife alarm clock?

A bluejay is an even better alarm clock. They will tell you where a snake is if you listen and pay attention.

I want to get my son a good alarm clock for his hostel. Shall I get an analog or a digital one?

Analog or digital alarm clock are both good. What matters is that it should be a good brand so that it lasts long and is durable. The only good part is that in the digital clock you will be able to see more clearly and the digits will be bold. There are many good clock companies in Qatar so choose the best even if it costs a little more.

What's the best alarm clock app for iPhone?

The iPhone comes with a clock app already installed that has an alarm clock features. This is the best alarm clock that I have found so far. Other popular alarm clock apps are:CARROT Alarm - Talking Alarm ClockWake Alarm ClockSpeakToSnooze ProSleep Cycle Alarm ClockWake n Shake Alarm ClockRise Alarm Clock

How do you convert a 110 volts into 220 volts in a digital alarm clock with a plug in option?

You need a 110 v to 220 v transformer, which will be inexpensive for supplying an alarm clock. That steps up the 110 v suppy into 220 v for the clock.

What's the difference between a clock radio and an alarm clock?

A clock radio and an alarm clock are two very similar things which provide some of the same functions however they differ in their features. An alarm clock is a basic clock which has an alarm function and a clock radio combines the use of an AM/FM radio and an alarm clock.

How do you set an alarm on your digital alarm clock?

most of the time you will have to press a button that says alarm and it will give you an unfinished time and then you have to click the select buttons until it gets to the right time and then you click alarm again

How do you say alarm clock in German?

alarm clock = (der) Wecker alarm clock = (die) Weckuhr

How do you spell alarm clock in french?

le alarm clock

what is the Compond word for clock?

Alarm clock Wall clock

When was The Strawberry Alarm Clock created?

The Strawberry Alarm Clock was created in 1995.

When was Strawberry Alarm Clock created?

Strawberry Alarm Clock was created in 1967.

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