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when you say 3x, you mean that there are 3 x's. Multiplication implies repeated addition, so three x's added is x+x+x, which equals 3x.

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Q: Why is the expression 3x equivalent to the expression x plus x plus x?
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The expression radical 3x is equivalent to the expression x radical 3?

Radical (3x) = radical(x) * radical(3).

Evaluate 3x plus 5when x 2 what is the value of the expression is?

When x = 2, 3x + 5 = 11.

Which expression is equivalent to 3x - 12?


What is 2x-x plus 6x-3x?

It is an expression that can be simplified to 4x

If 3x plus 5x -8 then x plus 1?

The expression 3x + 5x - 8 is equivalent to 8x - 8 but, since it is not an equation (nor inequality) it cannot be solved. Consequently, x + 1 cannot be evaluated.

What is the trinomial 3x squared plus 7x plus 2?

It is a quadratic expression and can be factored into: (3x+1)(x+2)

What is 2 X to the second power plus 3x plus one?

This expression could be reordered as 1 + 3x + 2x2.

What is the answer to the equation 6 x - a -3 x plus a?


Is 3x equals 3 plus x equivalent?

Equivalent to what? "3x = 3 + x" is an equation which can be equivalent to other equations, but none is mentioned.

What is the algebraic expression answer for 3x plus 5 equals 14?

3x+5=14 3x=9 x=3

Is 8x plus 3x equivalent?

It depends on what it is meant to be equivalent to!

What is 3(x plus 2) plus 5?

It is equivalent to: 3x+6+5 = 3x+11

Is 2x plus x an equivalent?

It is an expression.

What is The coefficient of x in the expression 10x squared - 3x plus 4 is?


What expression is equivalent to -3(x 10)?

If you mean -3(x+10) then it is -3x-30

Which expression is equivalent to 3x - 3y?


3x plus 8 -1?

It can also be written as 3x + 7. The value of the expression will depend on the value of x.

What is equivalent to -3(-x plus 12)?

It is 3x-36

Select the expression that is equivalent to (x plus 4)2.?

what is equivalent to (x plus 4)2

What is equivalent to 3x plus 5 plus x plus 10 plus 2y?

3x + 5 + x + 10 + 2y 4x + 2y + 15 |:2 2x + y + 7.5 2x + y + 7.5 is equivalent to the original.

What is the difference between the expression x 3 and 3 x?

x3 = x times x times x 3x = x plus x plus x

What is (3x plus 25)?

You can't simplify this expression. You can calculate a value (a number) only if you happen to know how much "x" is.

What is the factor of x squared minus 3x plus 1?

The expression does not have rational factors.

What is the answer to -2x-5y plus 3x-7y?

The given expression can be simplified to: x-12y

What is the evaluate algebraic expression for -3x plus 2 equals?

Given a value of x, find the value for -3x + 2