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The Chinese came up with it many many years before Pascal did.

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Q: Why is the pascals triangle also called the Chinese triangle?
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What was blaise pascals most famous invention?

blaise pascal invented the calculator and also the triangle thing.

What is an equilateral triangle also called?

Equiangular triangle.

A triangle with all sides congruent is called?

An Equalateral Triangleequalateral triangle it also has congruent anglesEquilateral triangleA triangle with all the sides congruent is called an equilateral triangle.

An equilateral triangle can also be called?

a tetraheddron.

What is an isosceles triangle on its side called?

it is also an isosceles triangle, it is the same on it's side

Another name for a regular triangle?

A regular triangle is an equilateral triangle. It can also be be called equiangular but that term is not used much.

What is another name for equilateral triangle?

I hope that you're not cheating on a quiz but an equilateral triangle can also be called a "regular" triangle.

The medians of a triangle intersect at a point called the?

Center of gravity of the triangle * * * * * Also known as the CENTROID

What are the names of the bumuter triangle?

the bumuter triangle is also called: devils triangle, triangular hole, Atlantic triangle, death hole and the mysterious killer

If one angle in a triangle is acute can the other two angle also be acute?

Yes. In this case a triangle is called an acute triangle.

What are two names for a triangle?

A triangle can also be called a three sided polygon, or possibly a wedge shape.

What triangle that has two equal sizes and the angles opposite the equal sides are also called?

isoceles triangle