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In general the mixed number A n/c is equal to what improper fraction

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That looks like a merge gone wrong. All is not lost though!

Cantor showed that the order of both sets is of the same order of infinity (both Aleph null). To show this, he used the mapping n: -> 2n+1 for all integer n, which is a 1-to-1 mapping from the integers to the odd numbers.

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Q: Why is the set of odd numbers equivalent to the set of whole numbers?
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What is the cardinality of an odd whole number?

The set of odd whole numbers is countably infinite. It's cardinality is aleph null.

Is there an even numbers before every odd number in the set of whole numbers?


What set of numbers does 147 belong to?

Whole numbers, composite numbers, odd numbers, numbers divisible by 3, and many more.

Is a set of whole numbers equal to a set of integers or equivalent?

Yes, they are.

Does every infinite set of whole numbers satisfy the closure property for addition?

No. Consider the set of odd integers.

Is the GCF of any set of odd numbers always odd?

Any set of odd numbers, yes.

Why do we teach odd and even numbers to children?

we teach odd and even numbers to children to make a whole set of new numbers in the future by children and they are able to differentiate them and study the properties of them.

What is odd whole number between 54 and 60?

57, 59

What is set odd numbers?

1 is an odd number

What set of numbers does 5 belong in?

5 belongs in the sets: -Natural number set, positive whole numbers -Integer number set, whole numbers -Rational number set, numbers that are not never ending -Real number set, basic numbers without i and that can be expressed in say amounts of apples -Complex number set, the set that contains both real and unreal numbers

Why is the GCF of any odd numbers always odd?

The GCF of any set of odd numbers is odd because odd numbers don't have any even factors.

How do i solve the set of odd numbers is closed under addition?

You can't. Adding any two odd numbers always gives an even number, which is not a member of the set of odd numbers.