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Q: Why is the word cheerily in parentheses andin italics?
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What is a sentence with the word cheerily?

She cheerily waved as the train left the station."Happy birthday!" everyone cheerily sang.

What are parentheses?

'Parentheses' is another word for 'brackets' = '()'

What is italics?

Italics is when the letters in a word or sentence are slightly tilted. Italics describes the type of font used.

What is the plural form of the word parentheses?

The plural noun of the word parenthesis is parentheses.

How do you put words in bold and italics on WikiAnswers messages?

For italics: <i>desired word</i> For bold: =desired word=

What part of speech is the word in parentheses?

In parentheses is a prepositional phrase with in as the preposition and parentheses as the object.

What is the possessive form of the word in parentheses?

The possessive form for the plural noun parentheses is parentheses'.

What is the part of speech the word parentheses?

In parentheses is a prepositional phrase with in as the preposition and parentheses as the object.

Can you have a bracket inside a bracket?

Use parentheses, then brackets, then parentheses, then brackets, and so on. Word (word [word], word [word (word)])

What is a 15 letter word for parentheses or brackets?

Punctuation mark is another word for parentheses or brackets.

What is the adverb of cheery?

The adverb form of the word "cheery" is cheerily.An example sentence for this word is: "the parakeet sung cheerily as he danced on his perch".

What is the plural word for parenthesis?


What is a italicized word?

a word written in Italics (usually sloping print)

How do you spell italasized?

The word is spelled italicized. The base word is italics.

How do you use the word parentheses in a sentence?

Parentheses are the little "(" and ")" marks used to denote something said in an aside. You should enclose this phrase in parentheses.

Why are italics used?

italics are sometimes used in books, to create emphasis on a word, so you say it differently to others. and you put more meaning and force into the word! :D

How can you make a sentence with the word whispered?

Put the phrase in italics...

Why writing some sentences in italics words in a story?

You write words in italics in stories if a word needs to be exaggerated(I mean the sound).

What word can you spell with the letters caitisl?

The letters 'caitisl' unscrambled spell the word italics.

How many syllables are in the word parentheses?

Four syllables.

How do you stress a syllable?

Use italics on the part of the word you want to stress

Use of the word italic or italics?

you just add this formula <big>

What are the rules for binomial nomenclature?

1. The first word is called Genius and is usually in italics and capitolized2. The second word is called Species and is usually in italics and not capitolized3. It can only be writeen in Greek or Latin

What is a plural noun in parentheses?

Parentheses are these marks ( )If you put something - like a plural noun - in parentheses, it just means you have written the word in between the marks. For example: (dogs)

Select the option below that best defines the word in italics?

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