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Q: Why is there 76 seats in the senate?
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How many seats are there in the Australian senate?


How many house and senate seats does Michigan Legislature have?

3 house seats and 2 senate seats but the election in 2012 will drop from 17 to 16 so house and senate seats will be cut back

Why are there only 76 seats in the senate and 150 in the house of representatives?

Section 24 of the Constitution says that the Reps shall have as near as is practical, twice the number of Senators.

How many us seats are in the senate?

There are 100 Senate seats, two from each State

How many seats are in the senate?

I believe it is 101 seats.

How many seats are in the Illinois senate?

We have approximately 59 senators in Illinois.

How many seats are in a double-decker bus?

There are 60-76 seats on a bus

In constitution 1973 what number of seats in Senate was set?

100 Seats

The number of senate seats held in each state is?

Two seats

How manyseats are there total in US Senate?

There are always two U. S. Senate seats for each state, so since 1959 there have been 100 seats in the Senate.

What is the senate when all of its seats are never up for election at the same time?

senate seats are never up for reelection at the same time

How many people work in the Australian senate?

there are 76 members in the Australian senate