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Q: Why is volume important in daily life?
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Why marketing is important in daily and working life?

important of marketing in our daily life

How surface area and volume of solid cube shape is used in your daily life?

In my daily life, I have no use for the surface area and or volume of a cube. None whatsoever.

When use liters in daily life?

Whenever you measure volume.

Why addition and subtraction are important in our daily lves?

why addition & substraction important in our daily life

How is the manganese important in daily life?

its not really important

How are wheels and gears important in our daily life?

Wheels and gears are important in our daily life, because they help us in our daily transport, and also used in our industries.

What is Disaster awareness?

how important it is in daily life

How important was Greeks daily life?

Greeks daily life was a big part in their life if 1 of them died their was a huge fight of who killed them

How can you apply volume to daily life?

All fluids: milk, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, petrol, are bought by volume.

What ways are laws of motion important in daily life?

it is important bcoz i makes life easier and it is related 2 our life

Important of geometry in your daily life?

geomatery is no use

What is natural disaster awareness?

how important it is in daily life