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No number multiplied by itself three times gives 56. The nearest ones are 3 cubed is 27 and 4 cubed is 64.

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Q: Why isn't 56 a cube number?
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Is 56 a cube number?

Take the cube root of 56. If you get a whole number, then it is - otherwise it isn't.

What is the cube root of -56?

The cube root of -56 = -3.825862

Is there a perfect cube of 56?

The question could ask for the perfect cube of 56, which equals 563 = 175616. However, it can also mean to ask whether 56 can be a cube, which could be answered by 56(1/3), which cubed is 56. Since 56(1/3) is an irrational number, it is impossible to construct this perfectly, but one can make arbitrary precise approximations, close to 3.825862365...

What is the cube root of 56?


What are the perfect cube factors of 56?

56 2,2,2,7 perfect cubes=1,8

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What is the least multiple of 56 which is a perfect cube?


Is 42 a cube number?

42 is not a cube number.

What of a number is infinite?

There isnt

A number that isnt a prime number?


What does crocasack mean?

isnt it them gangsta house slippers, like what ice cube wore on friday?

What is a number that is a cube of a whole number?

It is called a perfect cube.

What is a four-digit number that is a perfect square and perfect cube?

For a number to be a perfect square and a perfect cube, it must be a perfect sixth power. Now 36 = 729 is too small and 56 = 15625 is too large, leaving 46 = 4096 as the answer.

What is a number called when it isnt a prime number?


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Is 44 a cube number?

No.The cube of 3 is 27 and the cube of 4 is 64 so 44 isn't a cube number.

What is the prime or composite number of 56?

56 is composite.

Is 62 a cube number?

No. (The closest cube number is 64 = 43.)

A number whose cube root is a whole number what is the answer?

a perfect cube

Can 56 be a natural number?

56 is a natural number.

Is 118 a cube number?

It is not a perfect cube.

What is a prime cube?

It is the cube of a prime number.

Is 40 a cube number?

It is not a perfect cube.

Is 144 a cube number?

It is not a perfect cube.

Is the cube of a whole number?

A perfect cube is.