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6 divided by 6 = 1 and 6 divided by 1 = 6 But also 6 divided by 2 = 3 and 6 divided by 3 = 2

Prime numbers can only be divided by itself and 1

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Q: Why isn't 6 a prime number?
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A number that isnt a prime number?


What is a number called when it isnt a prime number?


Why isnt 91 a prime number?

because this number is not divisible by 2

Why isnt 39 a prime number?

39 is not a prime number because it has four factors: 1,3,13,39 and because prime number are numbers who has 2 factors.

What is the smallest number that looks prime but really isnt?


Why isnt 99 a prime number?

9 times 11 is 99. A prime is a number whose factors are one and itself.

Can five over nineteen be reduced?

no, 5 isnt divisable by 19. 19 is a prime number and isnt divisable by anything.

What is the prime number of 6?

well, the factors of 6 are: 3,2,1, and 6 and the prime factors are 3 and 2 and 6 is not a prime number, it is composite

What are the prime numbers in 23 32 9 1851 37 and 79?

23, 37, 79 and 51 (assuming 1851 is a typo, 18 isnt a prime) if not a typo 1851 isnt a prime number anyway, it divides by 3

Is 6 a prime number of 80?

6 is not a factor of 80. 6 is not a prime number.

Is 6 prime number?


Which is not a prime number 6 9 23?

6 and 9 are not prime numbers 23 is the only prime number in this group

How do you know that 6 is not a prime number?

6 is not a prime number for example because 3x2=6. (Numbers can go into it)

What is a prime number out of 9 6 5?

Out of 9, 6, and 5, five is the prime number.

Is 9 and 6 a prime number?

9 is not a prime number and neither 6 is a prime because they have more than 2 factors.

If you multiply two prime numbers will the answer be a prime number?

No, the answer is not going to be a prime number. For example, 2*3=6 which is not a prime number.

How come no number that is a multiple of 6 a prime number?

Multiples of 6 are even. The only even prime number is 2.

Is 6 a prime number yes or no?


Which is a prime number 4 or 5 or 6?

5 is a prime number.

Is 6 or 7 a prime number?

Yes. Seven is a prime number.

Is the number 6 a prime number?


Is 6 a composite number or a prime number?

6 is composite.

Why is the number 6 important to Texas?

it isnt penis

Is the number of feet in 4 and one third yards prime or composite?

prime because 4.5 yards equals 13 feet and 13 is prime because theres no number you can multiply to get 13 that isnt 1 and itself

Is 6 a prime factor of 72?

6 is not a prime number but it is a factor of 72

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